Knocked Up

So, sometime in late September, there was this.

And then today, there was this.

It looks like we’re having baby #2 sometime on or around May 31st, 2011. I’m a little over 12 weeks along. And based on the ultrasound today, the doctor said there’s about a 95% chance that we’re having another girl.

If you know how long Dave and I were trying to get pregnant (OVER. A. YEAR.), you know that obviously we’re both beyond thrilled. And we’re super-excited about having two girls, too.

It’s funny, after how horrible my first pregnancy was, I couldn’t imagine being excited about doing it all over again. And it’s true, I’m still not the glowing “Earth Mother” type. I’m much more likely to whine about heartburn or moan about how my clothes all suddenly stopped fitting about 5 minutes after I got a positive pregnancy test.

But at the same time? I’m so psyched. I absolutely cannot wait to meet this tiny person. If she is anything like her big sister, we are in gonna be in for SO MUCH FUN.

YAY FOR BABIES!! (And more on the nitty-gritty pregnancy details later!)