beach weekend

This past Saturday morning, we (my parents, the kids, and me) loaded up my mom’s mini-van, and drove out to Wilmington, to go to to the beach.

Headed for the beach. The pillow serves a dual purpose: breaking up fights, and car naps.

My brother and his girlfriend Mandy drove over from Charlotte to meet up with us, and Chris and his son also came. (His daughter is out of state visiting her aunt.)

waiting for the waves to come to her

Catie and Chris’s son are the same age – they’re both about to start 2nd grade – and they play really well together.

Catie playing on the beach with Chris's son

Last year, Lucy was terrified of the ocean and wouldn’t even put a toe in the water. There’s a big difference between age two and three, though, because this year, she loved it.

Favorite pic from today: Lucy in the ocean with my parents. This is the first time she hasn't been scared of the beach.

I mean, that face, COME ON.

Lucy loving the beach

We were at the beach for over four hours, straight through Lucy’s naptime. She was having so much fun, but eventually she got tired and grumpy, and fell asleep on Chris’s shoulder. We set up a spot so she could have a little beach nap.


Eventually, we headed back to our hotel, cleaned up, and went to dinner. Chris and his son headed back to Raleigh (he had to have him back to his mom early on Sunday morning), and the rest of us crashed at the hotel.

worn out in the hotel after the beach

The next morning, we met up with my brother and his girlfriend for breakfast, before we headed home. (Mmmm, Cracker Barrel…)

I had sort of a surreal moment later when I saw these two pictures, side by side.

Same beach, same swimsuit. Two girls, 4 years apart

Catie in 2010, Lucy in 2014. Same beach. Same swimsuit. Two different kids, four years apart.

It’s funny because I don’t normally think Catie and Lucy look alike all that much, but then I see them like this, and it sort of hits me that whoa, yeah. They really are siblings.

I guess an overnight road trip doesn’t really count as a vacation, but it’s probably as close as I’m going to get to one this summer. And it was great, so I have no complaints. I know the kids wanted to stay longer. Funny thing is, this was the first year that I really wanted to stay longer too. Normally after an hour or so at the beach, I’m all, “Ok, I’m done.” This was the first time that both kids were having fun, and I was able to just relax and enjoy it. Hopefully, next time, we’ll be able to swing at least a two- or three-night stay.

I’ve also promised my mom a trip to the mountains at some point (maybe in the fall, or for her birthday). She’s never been, and I know the kids would love that too. It’s one of the many great things about where we live in NC – you can drive a couple of hours in either direction and be either at the ocean or in the mountains. It makes vacations a lot more accessible when they’re within a reasonable driving distance.

Now, if I can just clean up all the sand we brought home with us…

reunion recap

I got to Mississippi on Friday around lunchtime. Since I had some time to kill, I goofed off for a while – I drove past my old house (that felt weird), went to a consignment shop that one of my sister’s best friends owns (she hooked me up with 2 dresses, a shirt, and a pair of jeans that are a size 8 and actually fit my ass, so I love her for that), grabbed a bite to eat, then went to the liquor store and grocery store to have supplies to bring over to my friend Melanie’s house.

I got to Melanie’s right around the same time that she got there with her kids. Later, our friends Allison and Michele came over, and the husbands watched the kids while we sat around the kitchen drinking, eating, and catching up. It was basically perfect.

The next day, we had a reunion picnic planned. It so happened that very few people showed up, but the weather was lovely, and I got bonus time to hang out with my girls and their families, so that was fine by me.

Reunion girls. I'm the one with the super pasty white legs.
(The girls on the far left and far right of this pic were in other grades, and I don’t know them as well. The four of us in the middle – Allison, Melanie, me, and Michele – those are my girls.)

After the picnic, Allison had to go, and Melanie and her husband and kids needed to stick around for some family shindig, so I followed Michele over to our school’s church and dug around through some memorabilia.

I need to back up here and explain something about my school. Where I grew up in Mississippi, the public schools were not very good (not a big shock, since Mississippi usually ranks 50th in the country for public education). So, generally, if your parents could manage to afford it, they sent you to a private school. The school my parents chose was affiliated with a Baptist church (funny, because we’re Methodist). The summer between my first and second grade years, we merged with one of the local council schools. (Only click that link if you want to read some truly horrifying racist shit.) The school – while retaining the name of the Baptist church – moved to the council school’s campus a couple of miles away.

In 2000, the school was foreclosed (the graduating class of 1994 had a whopping total of 29 students, so it’s not really surprising that they were in financial trouble). Before the bank came to seize everything, the administration of the school called the church and was like, “hey, we have all this stuff, can we stash it at the church?” Apparently the church has a little annex building, and they gave up one room, and that’s where all of my school’s memorabilia is now stored.

(In the last 14 years since the school was closed, the campus was taken over as basically a squatter’s den/crack house, and the majority of it has burned down. I think it’s mostly just a big empty field now.)

I’m not usually a nostalgic person, and I wasn’t all gung-ho about going to the church to check out the memorabilia room, but digging around with Michele was fun. Mainly because we found some random crazy stuff, and cracked each other up, like this oh-so-fashionable band uniform:

So this one time, at band camp...
(I know I look naked, I swear I’m wearing shorts.)
(Also, side note: I was never in the band, I just thought this was funny.)

And a really hideous sweater with the school logo on it. I think my sister had one of these in the 80s. Or maybe these were for faculty, I can’t remember.
Michele with a very fashionable 80s WHBA sweater.

As kids, I don’t think that any of us realized that we were privileged white kids in what basically amounted to a segregated school. But that’s more or less what it was. As evidenced by a photo I found in a yearbook from 1982-1983, of that year’s homecoming court. Keep in mind this is not, like, pre-Civil Rights era. This was 30 years ago, the year I was in first grade.

It’s a bad picture because I took it under fluorescent lights, but as you can see, all the girls on the homecoming court wore antebellum hoop skirt dresses that year. And all the boys wore Confederate uniforms.

I just… yeah. I have no words. My jaw dropped.

And it’s funny that a lot of us have grown up and realized just how bizarrely racist some of our school traditions were. At the reunion on Saturday night, one of the guys mentioned something about Slave Day. I had completely forgotten that until he mentioned it.

SO! Slave Day? Was one day a year that all of the juniors were auctioned off to the seniors and lower-classmen, and for that one day, you had to follow around the person who bought you, and do whatever they wanted. They auctioned people, and called it slave day. In Mississippi. And it was a school fundraiser! Endorsed by the faculty and administration! WHAT. THE. HELL.

That is just fucked up, no way around it.

(If memory serves, the year I was a junior and it was my turn, I gave my brother some money to buy me, which he did, and I did all of his homework for him that day.)

Anyway, Saturday night was the big reunion dinner, and we got all decked out.

Melanie and me
Melanie and me. This is the best pic I have of my dress and red heels.

We had a private room at a nice restaurant. Considering our class is so small, we had a pretty good turnout. I think it was around 25 people (including spouses). There were only two people there who I actively wanted to avoid, and it turns out that it was pretty easy to just not make eye contact with them at all, and only chat with the people who I wanted to see.

Michele had mentioned going to a bar after the reunion dinner, and initially I thought that sounded fun. But then I had three drinks during dinner (I wasn’t driving, I rode with Melanie and her husband, and he drove), so by the time dinner finished, all I wanted to do was get my Spanx off, put on my yoga pants, and go to sleep. So that’s what we did. Because that’s what happens when you get old, I guess.

The next day, my flight didn’t leave until late in the afternoon, so I met up with Michele for brunch. (Allison was packing for a beach trip, and Melanie had gotten roped into helping out with Sunday school at her church.) That was fantastic, and gave me that last little hit of “girl time” that I needed. Then I went to the airport, dropped off the rental car, hopped on a plane, and five-ish hours later, I landed at RDU, and Chris was waiting for me at baggage claim.

Overall, I’m really glad I went, because it made me remember something: there’s a very small group of people, who have known me since I was in first grade, who will always love me and not judge me, no matter what. And it doesn’t matter how many years it’s been since I’ve seen them last. When we’re together, it’s like we didn’t even miss a beat.

I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome that was. There was one of my girls who was missing because she couldn’t get a cheap enough flight (she lives in Colorado), and that bummed me out a lot, but man, getting to spend time with 3 of the 4 girls who I wanted to see was damn therapeutic for my soul.

So it was really good. I miss them already. Guess I’ll have to go back for the 30th reunion in ten years.

on reunions

Today I’m flying to Mississippi for my 20 year high school reunion. I’m actually typing this out on my phone while I’m on the plane, which should be tedious and time consuming, but I text so much that it’s really not. (Just call me Ol’ Lightning Thumbs.)

Random stuff about this trip that I’m going to just make into a list because I only slept 4 hours last night and my brain isn’t in any condition to make this a cohesive narrative.

1. I’m going by myself. The kids are with Dave, and Chris isn’t coming because he has his kids this weekend. I have mixed feelings about it – it’s cheaper for me to go by myself, it’s so much easier to fly without the kids (no stroller! no diaper bag! I feel so unencumbered!), and really, even if Chris did come, he’d be bored out of his mind sitting around while I talk with a bunch of girls I’ve known since I was Catie’s age, talking about stuff that happened 20+ years ago. Still, a lot (most?) people are going to have their significant others and kids with them this weekend, so it’ll feel a little weird to be going solo. And I’ll miss having “my people” with me. But it’s ok.

2. This is a short trip – flying out Friday morning, and I get back on Sunday night. Not even long enough to worry about the cat being alone. (I gave Dave a spare key to my house, in case the kids need something, and so they can check on Beaumont if necessary. Is it weird to give my ex-husband access to my house when I’m not there? Eh, maybe, but I’m not worried about it.)

3. I’m staying with a friend who I haven’t seen since Catie was a baby, and before that, it had been over 10 years. But I’m excited about that, it should be fun.

4. Funny thing about Facebook is that it’s let me stay in touch with the people I want to stay in touch with, and it’s easy to pointedly avoid those I don’t. But the thing is, the people I want to stay in touch with? None of them live in North Carolina, so I never get to see them. That’s kind of what makes this whole trip special. There’s a small group of people I’m super-excited to see, a few people I’m indifferent about, and a few more that, well, I’m pretty much dreading.

5. I think for most people, high school is not always the happiest time in our lives. I was fat in high school, and I was pretty nerdy, and it made me an easy target for getting picked on. I’ll admit there is a part of me that is very much looking forward to putting on a really sexy dress on Saturday night and kind of showing off a little. (And the dress is hot, it’s black and white, and makes me look all hourglass-y, and I’m putting it with a pair of red heels that are pretty amazing.) If it makes me shallow to want to show off in front of the guys who called me fat in high school, so be it.

So! That’s that. Jackson, Mississippi, here I come.

Oh – one last observation. I’ve decided that there are 2 types of women in the world: those who wear high heels through the airport, and the rest of us. I’m firmly on Team Flip-Flops over here, in case there was any doubt.

my sister’s wedding

My sister Tracy’s wedding was in Texas this past Saturday, and I have to admit that even for a bitter divorced lady like myself, that it was a really beautiful wedding.

Now, excuse me while I inundate you with pictures.

The kids did really well on the flight out. In fact, aside from a couple of diaper disasters (which I had prepared for – I have a rule that every traveler must have at least one full change of clothes in their carry-on, and those who aren’t potty trained need multiple sets), it went about as smoothly as one could hope.

My favorite part of the trip: when Lucy slept on the plane.
Although I admit this was my favorite part of the flight.

Actually, one random moment on the way there: we had a connection in Atlanta, and I was walking up to our gate, I saw this girl and she and I kept staring at each other, doing double- and triple-takes. Finally, I said, “I think you’re my cousin!” She said, “YES I AM!” It was my cousin Cici. Who I haven’t seen each other since… oh… my wedding back in 2005. Kind of hilarious to run into her in the airport of all places. (She was on her way to the same wedding as us.)

We got in on Thursday afternoon, and within a few hours, Lucy randomly barfed twice. Once at our rental house, and later when we were at my aunt & uncle’s house. I prayed that it was just a delayed reaction to motion sickness, and apparently that’s what it was, because she never got a fever and she seemed fine the rest of the time we were there. *whew*

On Friday, we had a brunch for the bridal party (during which I took no pictures because I was too busy wrangling my kids). Later, we drove out to the wedding venue for the rehearsal.

Dad & Tracy at the rehearsal
Practice aisle walk.

Catie got upset & pouty during the rehearsal & needed a hug from aunt Tracy

Tracy had said that, for the flower girls and ring bearers, there would be prizes at their seats after they walked down the aisle, and Catie had a little meltdown because she thought it meant she wouldn’t get any prizes. Tracy hugged her, and we all assured her that all she had to do was wear the dress and smile pretty in the pictures, she didn’t actually have to do the aisle walk if she didn’t want to do it.

Lucy snuggling with Chris (aka The Guy)

I admit that I totally melt every time I see how amazing Chris is with my kids. Lucy absolutely adores him. I love this picture.

On Friday evening, Greis arrived from Houston. YAY!

Me & Greis

Tracy and Everett rented out a BBQ restaurant to have a “welcome reception” for their out-of-town guests, and it was a lot of fun to see people that I haven’t seen in years.

Butchee & Collier girls

The Colliers lived next door to us when we were growing up. I honestly cannot remember the last time the four of us girls were in the same place at the same time. It was so fun catching up with them. (Wish their mom & brother had come too, but you know, I’ll take what I can get.)

On Saturday morning, Catie said, “I think I might walk down the aisle after all. But I’m not making any promises.” That was the first time she’d given even the slightest hint that she might do it since the whole engagement/wedding was announced over a year ago, so I didn’t want to get too excited and scare her off the idea. I just said, “Ok, I would love it if you would walk down the aisle with me, but just so you know, it’ll be ok if you don’t, too. It’s your choice.”

We headed down to the wedding venue to get our hair and make-up done for the wedding. I have to say that with a full up-do, 10 pounds of hair spray, airbrushed make-up, and false eyelashes? I felt pretty dang fancy.

I'm wearing 10 pounds of hair spray, airbrushed make-up, & false eyelashes. I feel fancy.

And Catie, my little tomboy, actually sat still and let someone style her hair.

Catie was excited about getting her hair done...

It looked so pretty.

Catie's pretty hair

I don’t have any pictures of Lucy’s hair because she didn’t really have enough to do much of anything with it. We pulled it back into a half-ponytail, stuck in some sparkly bobby pins – which fell out long before the wedding started – and sprayed the crap out of her poor little head to try to hold it all in place.

But seriously. YOU GUYS.

Catie, my flower girl

Pop-Pop & Lucy before the wedding

And then there was me and Catie with all of the other bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid & 1 flower girl

And the kicker: Catie and Lucy both walked down the aisle with me. I held my bouquet in my left hand while Catie held onto my elbow, and I held Lucy’s hand with my right, and we walked together. They were both champs. (And their prizes – the flower girls & ring bearers had little Star Wars Angry Birds plush dolls waiting for them at their seats. It kept them quiet through the whole ceremony. My sister = GENIUS.)

I realized that I was so busy being in the wedding that I didn’t get any pictures of my sister and how beautiful she looked in her dress, so I just stole this one from one of their Facebook friends.


Amazing, right?

Then there was the reception, which was really great because I got to see and talk to all kinds of people who I haven’t seen in forever. And continuing my sister’s genius streak: the kids (2 flower girls & 2 ring bearers), since they were the only kids there, each had a little gift bag at their seats with coloring/activity books, crayons, matchbox cars, plastic dinosaurs, etc. It kept them quiet and happy while everyone ate and socialized.

And the one part of the wedding that I was dreading: my speech. Greis filmed it and texted it to me later. The lighting is terrible – you can only see me when there’s a camera flash – but if you want to hear how I sounded, there you go.

Tracy & Everett’s wedding toast

For the record, that nervous laugh at the beginning is when I completely forgot what I was going to say. I also realized that I talked way too fast and said “like” and “umm” way too much. But you know, I got through it, and I didn’t die or have a panic attack, so I’m going to chalk that up as a win.

We flew home on Sunday, and it was – again – a pretty uneventful flight, thankfully.

I’m just so, so happy for my sister, and my new brother-in-law. Which is kind of nice to know: that as turned off as I am by the concept of marriage for myself, I can still get giddily excited for other people.

So, hey, maybe I’m not such a bitter old divorcee after all.

travel plans

When my sister got engaged last year, and I found out that her wedding was going to be in Austin, I immediately texted Greis and asked her to be my date. She only lives a couple hours’ drive away, and even though I’m excited for my sister and looking forward to her wedding, it was also basically an excuse to hang out with one of my favorite people for a weekend.

When Chris and I got back together, Greis joked that I was going to ditch her for my boyfriend. I said I wouldn’t, mainly because (a) I don’t ditch my friends – that’s a big no-no for me. And (b) Chris is kind of a quiet guy and my family can be really overwhelming when there’s a lot of them in one place. I didn’t want to scare him off. When my sister was in town and met Chris, she made a point of letting me know that it was totally cool with her if I had both Chris and Greis as my “dates” for the wedding.

We went back and forth about it a lot. He had some custody/childcare stuff to handle on his end, and I was worried about how it would look to a lot of my family. I haven’t seen the majority of my extended family since before I had Lucy. So it felt weird to go from a few years ago, when I was married with one kid, to seeing them again now, divorced with 2 kids and a boyfriend.

But, when it comes down to it? I want Chris to be there. I tend to get nervous about a lot of things, and he has a way of calming me down when I get anxious (like, say, about flying, or handling the kids when they’re completely off their routine).

Not to mention that, you know, I want my family to meet him because I’m kind of in love with him and stuff.

Sooooo, on Thursday, I will be boarding a plane with my parents, my kids, and Chris, and flying to Texas for my sister’s wedding. It’ll be Lucy’s first time on an airplane, and the first time Catie’s been on one since she was 3 years old. I was nervous about flying with both kids, but I figure that if we have four adults and two kids, that’s a pretty good ratio. And with 6 of us, we’ll basically just take up an entire row on the plane, and hopefully it’ll all go smoothly.

And it’s funny, because Chris and I have never traveled together, and somehow I didn’t imagine that our first little getaway together would involve staying with my children and my parents. I’m going to nickname it the Vacation House of Awkwardness.

And Greis will be there with us too! Five adults and two kids in a four-bedroom house. Yeah. This won’t be weird at all.

I kid, I’m actually looking forward to it and I think it’ll be a lot of fun. But it is weird to sleep in the same house with my boyfriend and my parents. It just is.

Now! I need to go work on my maid-of-honor speech for the reception. Which I still haven’t written. For a wedding that’s taking place in 5 days. And I have a fear of public speaking. Honestly, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? *cue maniacal laughter*

Wish me luck.

Texas roses

In the midst of all the relationship stuff (which is pretty damn awesome, btw), this past weekend, I flew to Austin, Texas, for my sister’s bridal shower/bachelorette party/general celebration of her awesomeness.

Hello, Texas!

Yep. That’s Texas, no doubt. (Also, I cut my arm on the barb wire fence while trying to take pictures of the damn longhorns, because clearly I am gifted.)

I flew in on Friday morning and hung out with the girls. We had lunch, went shopping, took naps (my favorite), then had a wine tasting and dinner at my sister’s condo. I have to give props to my sister’s friend Renee, who is SUPER organized and put all of this stuff together. Where I fail at being maid of honor because I suck at all of the little traditions, Renee picks up all the slack. She is a way better maid of honor than I could ever hope to be.

That night, we stayed up late singing along with 80s songs on my sister’s iPod, telling stories, and just generally goofing off. It was fantastic.

Saturday, we slept in and had brunch. Then most of the girls went out shopping, while I lounged around my sister’s condo, ate, and napped.

(Side note: I haven’t really blogged about it, but I’ve been dieting and working out a lot over the last couple months and I’ve been doing really well with it, but I decided that for one weekend, I was going to kick my diet to the curb. I ate carbs and cheese and drank booze and it was FANTASTIC. It was also surprisingly effective – by the time I got home on Sunday night, I couldn’t wait to get back to eating healthy on Monday.)

Saturday night, we met up with some of my sister’s local friends and had dinner.

Dinner to celebrate Tracy

Oh! See how I’m the tallest one there? I’m actually not, but I was wearing my sister’s really amazing wedge heels, which made me crazy tall. I loved them, and then after I got home, this showed up from Zappo’s on my doorstep.

Lookie what just came in the mail from my sister! Sorry to all the rest of y'all with sisters. Mine wins.

My sister found me a pair of wedges almost identical to hers and bought them for me. Sorry to all y’all with sisters. Mine wins.

Anyway, back to Texas. After dinner on Saturday night, we went to one of those karaoke places where you rent your own private room, so you only embarrass yourselves in front of your friends instead of a whole audience.


I have to say, I wasn’t totally into the karaoke idea because I had volunteered to be designated driver, and let’s face it, you need at least a couple of drinks for karaoke. But it ended up being pretty damn fun anyway.

blurry and out of focus, but this pretty much sums up the whole night

This picture is blurry and out of focus, but it pretty much sums up the whole night. (And yes, if you note the captions on the screen behind them? They were, in fact, singing “Copa Cabana.” Because why wouldn’t they be?)

I flew back to Raleigh on Sunday, and while I was happy to get home and hug my babies, it was a bummer to leave my sister and her friends, because they are such a blast to hang out with.

On the upside, I’ll see them all again in about six months at Tracy’s wedding. I already can’t wait.

Rainy zoo days

(Warning: tons of photos ahead.)

Yesterday was gray and rainy, but it was also the first day we’ve had in ages where the high was in the low 70s. After how soul-crushingly hot this summer has been, that meant that we were going to get outside and enjoy the cool weather if it killed me.

With that in mind, we (meaning me, the girls, and my parents) loaded up into my mom’s mini-van and drove to Asheboro to visit the North Carolina Zoo. We’ve been to the zoo a couple of times before, although the last time I went, I was very newly pregnant with Lucy and wasn’t able to enjoy myself very much because I was kind of sick and miserable the whole time.

The main reason for the zoo trip this time is because Catie heard about the dinosaur exhibit there, and since she says she’s going to be a paleontologist when she grows up, she was DYING to see the dinosaurs. In fact, from the minute we got there, she kept asking, “Can we see the dinosaurs next? Where are the dinosaurs? Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, DIIIIINOOOOOSAAAAAUUUURS!!!!”

(It got old, is what I’m saying.)

Then we finally found the dino exhibit, and oh y’all, my girl was in heaven.

There’s one dinosaur near the entrance that you can climb on for pictures, but the rest of them are off-limits. These are really amazing life-size dinosaurs that move and roar and everything.

Catie and the dinosaur

I tried to get Lucy in one picture, but girlfriend was NOT having it.

Tried to get a picture of both girls on the dinosaur, Lucy was not having it.

Once we got into the exhibit, I basically only saw Catie’s back for the next 20 minutes. She would run ahead to the next dinosaur and then stand there and stare at it, absolutely transfixed.

little girl, big brachiosaurus

This was our view of Catie for most of the dino exhibit. She couldn't get enough of them.

(I basically have a lot of pictures of the back of her blue Tinkerbell hoodie.)

It kills me how much she knows about dinosaurs, and it’s all stuff that she’s learned on her own, because I certainly haven’t taught her this stuff. As we walked up to this one…

My mom: "Hey Catie, is that an allosaurus?" Her: "No, Mimi, it's an APATOSAURUS." And she was right. Of course.

My mom said, “Hey, Catie, is that an allosaurus?”

Catie replied, “No, Mimi, it’s an APATOSAURUS.”

And she was right. If you’d asked me what it was, I would have shrugged because I have no clue.

Anyway, the dinosaur exhibit was a major win.

The rest of the zoo was a lot of fun too. Lucy insisted on walking a lot of the time, which meant going really slowly. The zoo is divided into two major exhibits, the Africa side and the North America side. We only covered the Africa side, and left North America for another time. After all, Africa has all of the really cool animals that we wanted to see.

That's a lot of giraffes, y'all.
(Note the tiny baby giraffe sitting down. He was just born at the zoo recently. I love him.)

Gorgeous. Think they’d let me take her home? I’ll bet Beaumont would like a friend.


This was Lucy’s first time at a zoo, and I was interested to see what her reaction was. She was mildly interested in things like the elephants.

Me & Lucy checking out the elephants.

But it was the chimpanzees and the gorillas that really got her attention. I think maybe because the exhibits let you see them so close, but I got this picture after Lucy saw a gorilla up close for the first time, and I think it might be one of my favorite pictures of her.

Lucy's face after seeing a gorilla up close for the first time. Priceless.

She was just STUNNED. It was hilarious. After a minute, she got excited and spent the next few minutes saying, “ooh ooh ahh ahh” at them. As we left, she blew them kisses and yelled, “Bye-bye!!”

So, I think she’s a fan of the zoo.

Lucy in a (fake) ostrich egg.

My girls check out the safari helicopter

She got tired toward the end, and she only wants my dad when she’s grumpy, which led to this picture, which I love.

Tired girl only wants her Pop-Pop

It was a really great day, even in spite of the drizzly rain, and both kids were so worn out that they went to bed early and slept soundly all night, so who knows? We might go to the zoo every Sunday from now on. (Not really. But it’s a nice thought.)