I hate the word staycation but I guess that’s what it is

We’re about halfway through our month-long summer break, and it’s been really nice so far. Catie loves the track-out program at our daycare. They have field trips every day, plus she’s known most of the other kids since she was in pre-K, and they’re all friends.

I’ve been trying to make sure we do as much “get out and have fun” stuff as possible, when I’m not working. Like, we’ll go to Goodberry’s in the evenings after dinner, and the kids will run around and play chase behind the building.

Girls playing at Goodberry's
Frozen custard plus playtime to burn off the sugar rush. Perfection.

We’ve been to the pool so many times that, despite my rigorous efforts at constantly slathering on sunscreen, both girls now have swimsuit tan lines. I never seem to get pictures at the pool because I’m always in the water with them (I have this fear about iPhone + water), but that’s been a lot of fun. Lucy started off this summer so cautious about the water that I couldn’t coax her off the steps into to the kiddie pool, and by last week, she was counting to three and then leaping off the edge of the pool into my arms.

The fourth of July was a lot of fun. We went to my cousin’s house so the kids could play, and we grilled hot dogs and made s’mores over the fire pit in their backyard.

Catie & Elizabeth. 7 year-old cousins. Keeping a safe distance from the fire pit while we cooked hot dogs.
Catie and her cousin Elizabeth keeping an eye on their hot dogs from a safe distance.

Then we went to watch fireworks, and Lucy found a pretty comfy spot for watching them.

Lucy found a pretty sweet spot for watching fireworks.
She got excited every time she saw pink fireworks. “Pink! It’s my favorite color!” Yes, my little girly-girl, we know.

We’ve also made time for playing at Mimi and Pop-Pop’s house.

Love watching my girls play with the Fisher Price little people toys that were mine when I was little.
I love watching them play with toys that were mine when I was little. My sister, brother, and I played with the Fisher Price little people all the time.

And taking silly selfies.

Happy Lucy face. (And a mommy photobomb.)
That face, I swear.

And, when the kids have been with their dad, Chris and I have had some occasional date nights here and there.

Sunday date night. (Girls with their dad this weekend.)
Just… happy.

So, ok, maybe it’s not a trip to Disney World or a cruise or anything like that. It’s been a pretty nice little stay-at-home vacation regardless.

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  1. I LOVED my Fisher price people! My mom finally pulled out our big old sandbox after we all left home and found a handful of them hidden deep at the bottom. She keeps them on a shelf in the kitchen. I asked my kids if they want them and they said nah, too plain, “they don’t even have ARMS!” Ha ha ha!!

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