life with Lucy

On Friday evening, I went to daycare to pick up the girls. Lucy was happy to see me as always, but Catie burst into tears.

She said, “I thought Daddy was picking us up, I want to spend the night with him!”

We’ve been working on a custody schedule – basically, Dave gets the kids 2 weeknights and alternating weekends. It gives them a lot of quality time with their dad, it gives me a break, but it still gives them enough time at home to reinforce the idea that my house is their home base. And in theory, it’s a really good schedule.

But I also understand that in Catie’s mind, her dad has been here for about two weeks, and this is normally when he’d be leaving again, so she’s wanting to spend as much time as possible with him. I get that.

And while normally I’m the type who would say, “Sorry, kiddo, these are the rules and this is how it’s going to go,” I also know that I need to let her have time to adjust and feel secure with having her dad back in her life.

So, I texted Dave to see if he had plans, and he said he was fine with taking the kids. I asked Lucy if she wanted to go with Catie over to Daddy’s, or if she wanted to stay with me. She said, “I stay Mommy’s house!” Ok then, fine with me. Sometimes it’s nice to only have one kid at a time, even when that kid is a particularly energetic two year-old.

Dave came over and picked up Catie, and I honestly thought Lucy would change her mind when she saw Catie leaving without her, but she stood in the door and yelled goodbye to them, blew them kisses, then closed the door and asked me to play with her.

We spent the evening playing with all of Catie’s toys that Lucy is never allowed to touch. Every single Skylander action figure, Lucy would pick it up, say “What his name? Who he?” and then put them down. She wasn’t destructive at all, and she didn’t even really care about playing with them, it was just that she was able to touch them without Catie there to shriek at her to get away. Forbidden fruit and all that.

On Saturday morning, we goofed off for a while. At some point, she climbed up in my lap, handed me my camera, and said, “I say cheese!”

If the two year-old demands a selfie, you take a selfie.

Later, we picked up Catie from Dave’s place and headed over to my cousin’s house. The kids exchanged their Christmas gifts (we always seem to do our gift exchanges after New Year’s), and the kids played for over three hours while I hung out and visited with the grown-ups.

When we left, I really thought Lucy would be so exhausted that she’d be asleep in the car before we got out of my cousin’s neighborhood. I mean, she normally goes down for a nap around 2:00 (and she usually sleeps at least an hour & a half or so), and it was well after 4:00 p.m. But she didn’t, she stayed awake all the way to my parents’ house. I figured by that point, we’d just power through without a nap and I’d put her to bed early. We had dinner with my folks, and the kids played for a while before we finally came back home.

I’m not sure exactly when she got her second wind, but it was like WHOA. She was basically like a tiny drunk who wouldn’t sleep it off. She was staggering in circles around the house, eating Pirate’s Booty cheese puffs straight out of the bag.

Sometime around 9 p.m. when she was still hyper, I decided to film a video of her.

We did four of those, they’re all pretty similar. She loved watching herself on the replay and then she’d want to film it again.

She finally fell asleep at 9:50 p.m. Long after her older sister had already called it a night, and WAY past her normal bedtime (typically between 8:30 and 9 p.m.), and on no nap to boot. I don’t know how on earth that happened.

Oh, and she was still awake and trying to climb in my bed a few hours later. I don’t even know.

She’s lucky she’s cute, that’s all I can say.

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