Why I’m glad I didn’t go to BlogHer this year

Last week, when I was in the throes of a “woe is me” moment, I started crying when I was talking to my dad.

I said, “And I don’t even get to go to BlogHer this year. All of my friends will be there, and I can’t go. And I know that’s selfish because I should be putting my kids ahead of me, but there it is. I’m selfish. I want to go and I can’t and it’s not fair.”

I went to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up, and when I came out, my mom had come in the room and said, “Wait, when is BlogHer? You need to go!”

They’ve said several times that they can’t handle both girls overnight, so it didn’t occur to me to even ask if they could take the girls so I could go. I just assumed that they would say no.

Of course, by this point, the conference was long since sold out, and I couldn’t get a plane ticket on less than a week’s notice, so it wasn’t going to happen. But: next year? So there.

This year, though, it turns out that it was really lucky that I didn’t go, for two different reasons:


1. Last Tuesday, I got really, really sick. Like, fever spiked to almost 104, I was hallucinating, the whole thing. My mom had to call 911 to have the paramedics take me to the ER so my parents could stay with the kids. They pumped me up with fluids and IV antibiotics and pain meds and I finally got discharged from the hospital around 3 a.m. on Wednesday. Oof.

I’m still on antibiotics, but I’m mostly ok now (it’s a long story and I don’t really want to get into my diagnosis since it partially involves my lady bits, and… well. No.), but I’m so glad that I wasn’t in a hotel room in NYC when all of this happened. It’s much nicer to be sick and miserable in your own bed, and I would have missed so much of the conference being sick. So it was kind of lucky that I wasn’t there.


2. Lucy started walking on Thursday. Like, for real walking.

That video is actually not the best example, she can usually get from one side of the room to the other without falling over, which is kind of amazing. And if I had been at BlogHer, I would have missed it.


So, you know, I’m ok with the fact that I missed the conference this year. I was a little sad reading tweets from people I love talking about meeting up with other people I love, and thinking, “I want to be there with youuuuu!!”

But overall, it’s ok. This weekend had some really nice moments, even without all of the awesome people and parties and big city and all of that.

It's milk time, y'all.
This is how we have a drinking party at my house.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m glad I didn’t go to BlogHer this year

  1. Love this! Go little miss Lucy! And so glad you’re feeling better.

    I was sad to miss out on Blogher this year too … but seriously every single post I’ve read about this year’s conference had many more negatives than positives. I’ve been determined to go next year in Chicago, but then I just read that the event takes place in two different buildings that aren’t in walking distance from each other. 5,000+ women on shuttles? No way.

    Of course, if you ask me next month when tickets go on sale, it might be a different story. I reeeeally want to meet and talk to and hug SO MANY people.

    We’ll see …
    suzanne @ pretty swell´s last blog post ..What I Wore (to work) WednesdayMy Profile

  2. What a crazy thing! I Hate hospitals when it’s for me. I hope you’re feeling better. As my husband said to me ten yrs ago when I had a UTI, “hope your cat feels better”. I was like what who says that. Haha 🙂

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