The Christmas wrap-up

On Christmas Eve, we did our usual pre-Santa tradition: cookies & milk for Santa, carrots & a bowl of water for his reindeer.

Stocking on the fireplace, and treats for Santa & his reindeer

Catie was so happy on Christmas morning. She got everything that was on her list for Santa, and then some.

Catie opening her presents on Christmas.

At one point, she said, “This is the BEST! CHRISTMAS! EVERRRR!!!” Considering that I thought it would be the worst Christmas ever (the first one post-separation), I’ll take that as ridiculously high praise.

Lucy seemed a little confused by it all, but she had fun too.

Catie helped bury Lucy in her mountain of presents.

Plus, you know, there was this. Which made me laugh until I cried.

Lucy's new Foofa hat!

I mean, it’s a Foofa hat. Come ON. That’s just funny.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas too.

5 thoughts on “The Christmas wrap-up

  1. I’m so glad you guys had a nice Christmas 🙂

    And, could Lucy get any cuter! That kiddo is so adorable.

  2. Merry Christmas Season!

    yea for best Christmas ever.

    yea for hilarious hats.

    and yea yea yea for getting through this “first” Christmas!

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