excuse me while I whine

You know what’s really, really no fun at all? Being sick when you’re pregnant.

The totally unfair part is that I was already sick back in December, and it took two rounds of antibiotics and a course of Prednisone to kill it off. I’m supposed to be done now, right? Isn’t my body supposed to ease up on my poor little gestating self?

Yeah, no, apparently not. So I’m miserable. I spent all day Saturday in bed, watching really awful movies on cable. Catie hung out with me in bed and played with Dave’s iPad so I wouldn’t be lonely.

Playing with Daddy's iPad

It was nice to have the company.

Yesterday, I was feeling slightly better, so I went to Target and folded some laundry – nothing super-exhausting, but you know, STUFF. Some basic life tasks that needed to be done. To give me some kid-free relaxation time, Dave took Catie to the park for a few hours and they had a great time (or at least, they did until some stupid thug tween boys hit her in the head with a basketball and I swear if I’d been there I probably would’ve lost it).

And then, even though I had been feeling better, I coughed all last night and woke up worse than ever. I have no voice left, it hurts to talk. And I’m trying to keep myself in that delicate zone of “medicated just enough to be pregnancy-safe, but also enough that I don’t cough constantly and annoy my co-workers.” It’s a tough balancing act, let me tell you.

I’m so ready for winter to be over. I’m also ready to not be pregnant anymore so I can enjoy some damn DayQuil again.

/end whinypants-ness

6 thoughts on “excuse me while I whine

    • @AmazingGreis, I know! And why were teenagers on the playground anyway? There’s a big sign there that says it’s for kids 12 & under. Take your stupid basketball and go play elsewhere. Gah!

    • @Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire, She was totally FINE after the whole basketball-to-the-head thing. She cried a lot, and I’m sure it hurt, but she got over it quickly. I still want to find those boys and yell at them, though!

  1. Catie played on the iPad? Doesn’t it amaze you how easy all the technology is for children? I can hardly do anything on my mobile phone, but the nieces and nephews will play games on it until the battery dies. Our girls don’t get to practice enough to be good at it, but I’m sure it would be easy for them too.
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    • @Shari @ Two Times the Fun, Catie’s pretty much an expert with both the iPhone and iPad. Originally, we got her some toddler/preschooler games for the iPhone to keep her occupied in restaurants, waiting rooms, etc. (Puzzle games, letter recognition, that kind of thing.)

      When Dave got the iPad, it took her less than 24 hours to figure out which one was the Netflix app, and then how to scroll through it to find her movies and start them up. It’s insane. She’s definitely the child of 2 computer geeks, that’s for sure!

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