I smell like fake watermelons, and I sorta like it

For those concerned, Catie’s first week at daycare has been pretty good. She seems to like it there, and drop-off time is much less tense than it was the first day. But I think it’s also a little overwhelming for her to be there all day long, because by the time I get there to pick her up, she is ready to GO. HOME. And she informed me this afternoon that she was sad because she doesn’t want to go back to “daycare class” (her term for it), but I also think she’s pooped and might feel differently in the morning. Because the past two mornings, she’s been very excited to go.

Of course, she’s also throwing around a whole new world of attitude lately (complete with telling me, “no, ma’am!” with her hands on her hips, which is pretty much mimicking exactly what I do to her when she’s being a pill). But I don’t know how much of that is because of the daycare transition, and how much of that is just… being 3.

Random funny: when my mom came to visit last month, she noticed that Catie’s lips are really dry and chapped. (And they are, you can sort of see it in this picture.) So we went to Target and bought her some fun fruity-flavored chapstick, which Catie promptly decided she wanted absolutely nothing to do with.

But sometime this week, she changed her mind, and now every morning, after she gets dressed, she wants to put on her chapstick (not just one, she has to use all three different “flavors”), then she puts some on me, and then she wants to take a picture of the two of us “all pretty wif our lipstick on.”

big hugs

Even though most of the pictures turn out super-cute of her and “meh” of me (at best), there is absolutely nothing about that ritual that sucks. I love that she wants to ham it up for the camera. Three year-olds are a freaking riot. Even when they’re obnoxious.

4 thoughts on “I smell like fake watermelons, and I sorta like it

  1. When my cousin Sophia was younger I bought her some strawberry shortcake chapstick that had it’s own carry case. She proceeded to put on about 15 layers of each chapstick. Daily. I loved it. I also love when she sleeps over and in the morning asks me if she can wear makeup. (She’s 6 now.) Kids are so fun, even when they are obnoxious.

    I’m glad Catie is getting along better with the whole all day daycare thing. By the end of the day she probably is exhausted. It’s hard to play, eat snacks, make friends, share. Life for a 3 year old is probably harder than we realize, lol.

  2. If you’re lucky, she puts the chapstick on your lips and not around them, like mine! Oh well, its fun though! I think that our kids work so hard learning and doing at school that they are really looking forward to a little relax time at home afterwards. Catie is exactly the same way if she is at school all day. When I try to pick her up early, well that’s another story entirely! Glad everything is looking up!

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