the not-really-a-vlog

Probably some people who follow me on Twitter are going to come here looking for some draaama to follow up on what’s been going on over there, and, um, no. I don’t have the energy for that crap today. And I’m not sure it’s worth writing about ever, to be honest.

But hey, look! It’s a cute video of me & my kid playing with my webcam! With audio that’s a good couple of seconds off from the video! (Why does it do that? I have no idea. Something to do with exporting AVI files as MPEGs. Anyone know or want to help? Kind of drives me nuts.)

Yeah. I guess it’s not technically a vlog post since I’m not really talking about anything specific, but there you go. Happy August 1st!

3 thoughts on “the not-really-a-vlog

  1. Omg if I could wrap her in a bottle and pull her out when I was sad I’d never have a bad day! I just love her!

    “no no nap time no!” Love it!

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