fun aunt Tracy

My sister’s visit this weekend was so much fun. It was really cool that she was able to join us for the March for Babies on Saturday morning. That afternoon (post-naptime), she and I took Catie for a little walk, then came home, made dinner, watched “Wall-E” (Catie’s current favorite movie, plus Tracy hadn’t ever seen it), and vegged out for the night.

On Sunday, we went out for brunch with my cousin Cat and her family.

Elizabeth & Catie at brunch
I love watching Catie and Elizabeth interact with each other, they’re getting very good at sharing and taking turns, and it’s just really funny to see.

Cat & Elizabeth

Catie & me

After brunch, we went to Target where Tracy bought Catie a few toys and some clothes – you know, as aunts are wont to do. And after Catie’s nap, Tracy borrowed my bike, helmet, and trailer, and took Catie for a bike ride.

Catie going for a ride in the bike trailer

Tracy and Catie going for a bike ride

They had a blast, even though it made me nervous as hell to see them riding away. (I don’t know why, I guess because they were going to be crossing some busy streets to go to the park, and that’s my pweshus widdle bay-beee in that bike trailer.) But they came home safely, red-faced from the wind and totally happy. Catie even insisted on joining Tracy in the shower afterward. I think that Tracy and I are pretty much interchangeable as far as Catie is concerned.

Plus, you know, Tracy has all the cool jewelry that she lets Catie wear.

Catie modeling Tracy's jewelry

After dinner, we had to take Tracy to the airport so she could pick up her rental car and drive to Rocky Mount, where her business meeting is today. Catie cried when Tracy got out of the car and said goodbye, which of course made Tracy cry too. She’ll be back in a couple of weeks, but poor Catie has no real understanding of time yet, so that didn’t really help.

This morning, Catie asked a couple of times where Tracy was, and I had to remind her that Tracy went bye-bye. We had some tears and hugs about that, but hopefully she’ll be over it in a day or two.

I love that we’re so much closer to our families than we were in Seattle, but sometimes I do wish that all of Catie’s grandparents and everybody (two uncles and one aunt) lived locally so we could see them on a more regular basis. It’s so much fun to visit, and always so sad when they leave.

2 thoughts on “fun aunt Tracy

  1. I love those pictures. We really enjoyed seeig Tracy, too. She’s on e-baby’s short list of Superfun People.

  2. SADNESS!! i’m still sad about the “bye-bye.” but we are NOT interchangeable — let’s be real now. . . catie loves some tracy, but when the chips are down (or tears are flowing), it MUST be mommy who holds her!

    in any case, cat — give love to e-baby from me, and i’ll be happy to see all the little ones (and y’all!) in a couple of weeks!

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