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1. My sister’s plane gets here tomorrow evening! Yay! She’ll be here in time for the March for Babies on Saturday, which is so cool, I’m really excited that she’ll be able to join us. The downside: the house is a mess, which I cannot deal with when we’re expecting company. So I need to get a-cleaning, and fast.

2. This house that we live in has a dual air-conditioning system, one for each floor. (It’s actually an energy saver; the A/C doesn’t have to work as hard when there’s two of them.) On Sunday, I went to get Catie up from her nap, and I heard a weird tap-tap-tap sound in her room. It was water leaking from her light fixture. Guess what’s above Catie’s bedroom? The attic. More specifically: the HVAC system in the attic. We had a guy come out here, who told us that the system is basically rotted and dying and we need a new one, and oh yeah we’ll probably need to replace the whole ceiling because the sheet rock has gotten wet, and we don’t want our asthmatic child to be breathing black mold in her bedroom. Fabulous.

Point being: yes, this sucks and all, but oh man, thank GOD we rent this place. I cannot imagine having to deal with that expense right now.

3. The eye test I was supposed to have that involved the plastic thingy on the surface of my eyeball? Well, it was supposed to happen last Thursday, but then I got sick, so I postponed it until today. Then they called me this morning and said that my eye doctor is sick, so now it’s been rescheduled for next Thursday. Which is fine by me, it’s not like I’m looking forward to this thing. (Incidentally, my eye doctor also has a baby. Want to bet that he gave her the exact same cold that Catie gave me? I wouldn’t doubt it.)

4. Random cute Catie things:
4a. Her newest song (to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle”):
Ringo Ringo Ringo Starr
How I wonder what you are?

4b. Catie really loves to play in the car, specifically in the front seat. Witness:
Catie driving
Exhibit A.

The problem, of course, is that this isn’t exactly legal, what with those pesky child restraint laws and everything. (Damn government! Interfering with my right to endanger my child!) So, although she’s usually pretty good in the car, she does have occasional screamfests about the fact that she wants to be in the front seat with us. Yesterday, we went to the grocery store and stopped for gas on the way home. I let Catie get in the front with me while Dave pumped the gas, then we decided we’d let her hang out in the front seat while we went through the car wash.

In case you were wondering? That has got to be the best way to make a toddler’s day, EVER. She loved it. “Car have baff? Get all cwean?” I’m not sure if it was the car wash itself or the thrill of riding shotgun (in Dave’s lap), but either way, I’ll have to make a mental note to do that again sometime, because it was so much fun.

And it felt totally rebellious in a “breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law” kind of way, even though we weren’t moving inside the car wash, and as soon as it was done and we exited the car wash, I pulled over & Dave buckled her back into her seat. Still. It felt sort of naughty and fun. (Sad that this is my idea of excitement these days, no?)

4c. This is what bathtime looks like at our house lately.
We usually end up with more water on the floor than in the tub, but whatever. You’re only 2 years old once, might as well let her enjoy some of this silly stuff before she’s too cool for it.

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  1. you do NOT have to get a-cleanin! i’m only there 2 nights anyway — no big whoop. save your strength for when mama and daddy come!

  2. We always let Miss C sit in front with us when we cross on the ferry so we know exactly what you are talking about! Miss C loves it! I will keep the car wash trick in mind as well.

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