health update

Dave and I are slowly recovering from our colds, but as of yesterday, Catie has it too. So far her only symptom is a seriously gross runny nose, which has been keeping her from sleeping comfortably. But her energy level is about the same as usual, which is good. I’ve basically resigned myself to not having a pillow to myself until she’s over her cold. When she’s sick, she wants to sleep in our bed, and she wants to be as close to me as possible. Which is sweet, until my arm falls asleep or I get a crick in my neck.

Catie is getting her steroid (Pulmicort) via the nebulizer twice a day, and so far this cold hasn’t caused any asthma flare-ups. I hope that it’ll stay that way, although I’m worried that this is just the beginning and it’s going to get a lot worse. (I’m basing that on the symptoms that Dave & I have had so far.) Let’s hope I’m wrong, and that her version of this cold is much milder than ours.

One thought on “health update

  1. I really hope she doesn’t get worse, but you’re probably right. At least you know to look out for it. I hope she gets well soon.

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