no yoga for mama

Apparently Cate’s love of the YMCA drop-in daycare was a one-time occurrence. Today I tried to go to a morning yoga class. Operative word there is tried. I got through the first twenty minutes of the class before one of the daycare ladies came to get me because Cate wouldn’t stop screaming.

My theory is that the first time we went to the daycare, there were only a couple of other kids there, and today the room was packed full of toddlers, which was probably overwhelming for her. Also, the last time it was both Dave and me dropping her off, which may have diffused some of her tension about freaking anytime mommy is out of her line of sight. But really, who knows?

The ladies in charge of the daycare were super-nice, and encouraged me to just hang out with her in the room (I had time, obviously, since my class had been cut short) so Cate could play and kind of get used to the other kids. And they encouraged me to keep trying, because they said that a lot of times it takes a while for kids to adapt to the new environment. After about 5 or 10 minutes of me being there with her, she was fine, running around and having fun.

There’s an aerobic dance class tomorrow (cardio-funk, holla!), and I’m thinking about getting there a half hour or so early so I can just hang out with her in the room until it’s time for my class. We’ll see how it goes.