all by ourselves

Dave flew to California yesterday for work, so I’m officially on Single Parent Duty until he gets back on Friday evening. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about this because I’ve never been on my own with Cate for such a long time. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the first time she and I have ever been alone overnight (unless you count when I was pregnant, which I don’t). The last time Dave went to California, we went with him. The time before that, I had my mom and then Cat and her mom stay with me.

So, the first day on our own? Was not so bad. Cate is clearly still feeling a little crummy from her cold, and there were a few tantrums, but it was mostly fine. One of my big worries was how I was going to take a shower with her around. I’m weirdly protective about my showers, it’s like my sacred little 20 minutes of pure uninterrupted Me Time. Obviously, Me Time is out the window this week, and that’s fine, I can adjust. I decided to let Cate play naked in our bathroom while I showered (she loves Naked Time, and she loves to empty out my make-up basket; I figured it was a win-win), and then afterward, I’d give her a bath.

Well, it turns out that she didn’t like that plan so much. As soon as I closed the door on the shower, she started screaming. She came over and banged on the door for me to let her in. So I did, and even though there are no fun bath toys in our shower, she had a blast. She liked playing with the bubbly water on the floor of the shower when I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair. And since I already had an extra bottle of Baby Wash in the shower (leftover from the days when Miss Puke-A-Rama often required us to take joint showers), I went ahead and soaped her down in the shower with me. See? We saved time AND water. Score one for efficiency.

This morning, Cate went running down the hall screaming “Daaaaddy!!” because she loves to wake Dave up. When I explained that no, Daddy isn’t in the bed because Daddy had to go bye-bye, we had a few tears. Poor kiddo. I have a feeling she’s really going to miss him this week.

I will too, for what it’s worth.

3 thoughts on “all by ourselves

  1. You’ll both be so glad to get him back. And of course, he has promised not to have ANY fun while he’s gone, right? No fancy restaurants, no watching TV without noisy interruptions. 😉

  2. You guys will actually end up setting up your own routine and probably have a blast inspite of the fact that you miss Dave. I know it seems like a long time but once you figure out what your schedule will be like (showering before Cate gets up for example) and all that, it will be a great adventure.

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