and it never gets old

Want to know how Dave and I entertain Cate almost every evening?

I got the camera out after we’d already been playing for a while, which is why she seems to be winding down toward the end. Her laugh is a lot more maniacal when I don’t have the camera shoved in her face too.

I love when she decides to tackle me for kisses. That’s my favorite part.

Oh, and yesterday? She had pooped, so I said, “let’s go upstairs to change your diaper.” She said “dah-puh” and started crawling up the stairs without me. I was right behind her, so it wasn’t a safety issue. But when we got to the top of the stairs, she went straight to her room to get changed (normally she heads for our room to find a cat or to take apart the bathroom cabinets).

Afterward, she started to go after Teenie (which Teenie hates), and so to distract her I said, “Ok, let’s go downstairs.” Crawling up and down the stairs by herself is her new favorite activity, so she said to Teenie, “Bye, baby! We go down!” It was pretty awesome.

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