I have about five or six pieces of paper floating around with various to-do lists written on them, so today I decided to get all organized and type up everything in a Word document. And can I just say? Holy crap, I have a lot that I need to do. I don’t know if the word “overwhelmed” even begins to cover how I’m feeling right now.

I feel like I’ve either been on the phone or meeting with various contractors all week for the ridiculous number of things we have to do to fix this place up (per the inspection report), and I’m wiped out. Oh, and something is blooming right now that is causing me some major allergy issues. So I’m trying to negotiate with contractors while on massive amounts of antihistamines. Good times.

So hey, should I lighten the mood away from my current state of anxiety and panic, and give you some fun baby updates? Sure, why not!
* Cate’s getting really good with names. She knows all the kids at daycare, and yesterday when we were leaving, I told her to say bye-bye to Patsy. She said, “Bass-y, bye!!” (That “P” sound eludes her sometimes. Oh well, we know what she means.)

* She figured how to go down the stairs. It sort of freaked me out at first, but now I let her do it for practice, as long as I’m right there to catch her in case she slips. But she basically lies on her stomach and backs down the steps, the same way that she goes up. Smart girl.

* The food texture issues seem to be starting to let up a little bit. The other day she actually touched a slice of banana and fed it to herself. Y’all probably don’t know how huge this is, but trust me, it’s big. She’s always been totally grossed out by anything with a vaguely squishy texture. She might eat it, but only if you put it in her mouth for her. So the fact that she’s decided that maybe she can stand to touch a non-crunchy food item is a pretty major milestone for us.

Oh, one other happy thing: while I was typing this, I got a phone call from Cat, and I think we might’ve found a house in Raleigh. Keep your fingers crossed. Yay!

2 thoughts on “over-overwhelmed

  1. Yea Cate! I am so thrilled to hear that she is getting over some of the squishy food willies! I know that it kind of limits what you can feed her since, like all toddlers, she wants to do it herself! I guess she just decided it was time. Good for her!
    Good luck with the rest of the house stuff. Keep in mind, this should be the easy stuff, you are sold, right? 🙂

  2. We’re officially “pending,” not “sold.” The deal could still fall through anytime between now and 7/30, which I think is why I’m so jumpy about all of it. Well, that, plus trying to juggle our finances so that we can pay all of these contractors is going to be a bit tricky.

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