our status is now "subject to inspection"

So… apparently we sold our house. I think. They made an offer, we counter-offered, and they’ve verbally accepted our counter-offer, but they haven’t met with their realtor yet to sign off on it. Apparently they’ll be doing that later today, and we’ll be having our inspection on Monday morning.

Assuming all goes according to plan, we’ll be closing – er, and MOVING – at the end of July. Holy crap.

But then, can you imagine if something this major actually sticks to a plan? HAHAHAHA!!!

Obviously, this hasn’t quite sunk in as being real yet. So I’m going to go start making my ten thousand to-do lists and begin my little Six-Week Freak-Out Session. (Six weeks! Aaaiiieeee!!!)

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of a cute toddler in a ridiculously oversized raincoat.

Cate in her ridiculously-oversized raincoat

Cold and rainy weather in June? Yep, won’t miss that one bit.

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