Mother's Day weekend recap

Mother’s Day at our house was kind of a non-event. Dave forgot that it was Mother’s Day, I guess because he doesn’t notice any sort of advertising on TV, radio, or the Internet. He felt bad about it, but it really isn’t that big a deal to me. I got to spend a good portion of the day playing with Cate, and that made me happy.

Mother's Day happy girl

(I also shot a bunch of videos, which you can see here if you feel so inclined. I don’t want to be the annoying blogger who embeds a YouTube video of her kid in every single entry.)

We also spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning, which was not so fun. The carpet cleaners came today, so we had to make sure that the floors were cleared off so they could do their thing. You might think that I would gripe and grumble about cleaning the house on Mother’s Day, but the truth of the matter is that since it got me feeling a tiny bit closer to having our house ready to sell, I didn’t mind it one bit. It felt really good, and since Dave was feeling guilty about forgetting Mother’s Day, he helped a lot, which was really nice.

Um, that’s not to imply that Dave is ordinarily unwilling to help with housework. He does the dishes for me almost every night, he’s really great with a lot of the day-to-day stuff. But things like cleaning out our closet and sorting through which of our books we should keep and which ones to trade in at the second-hand bookstore? Yeah, that’s not really his scene. But he did it, and I’m very grateful.

Besides, cleaning out the closet led us to dig up this gem from one of Dave’s old Halloween costumes.

Cate wearing a Bill Clinton wig

It’s a baby in a Bill Clinton wig! You don’t see that every day, now do you?

So yeah, we had fun. And I suppose I should write something really profound about motherhood and how great it is, but… meh. I’ve written about that a few times already, so there’s probably no need for it. And right now, I have to go try to put our furniture back into its proper place and make sure the cats don’t pee on the carpet again until this house has a “sold” sign out front.

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  1. Clean carpets! Curb appeal! Sell that house!

    Oh, and happy mother’s day, and c looks very presidential in her Clinton wig. 🙂

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