everyone in my house is medicated today

This allergy-sinus-cold-whatever thing that’s been driving me bonkers for the past week and a half is getting worse, so I’m off to the doctor this afternoon to get some drugs. I usually try to avoid antibiotics when they aren’t absolutely necessary, but it’s been going on since last Sunday. That’s ten freaking snot-filled days. I can’t take it anymore, and I gots stuff to do, man.

Baby stuff: last night and this morning, Cate has been in a totally foul mood. Lots of tantrums, and (this is perhaps a bigger clue) she was gnawing on her hands a lot. Oh boy. Could this be the start of the molars that I’ve been dreading for so long? Last night she started screaming for no reason; she wasn’t hungry, she wasn’t tired, she was just angry. It wasn’t even crying-screaming, she was just pissed. I gave her some baby Motrin, and she cheered up after about a half hour or so. Same thing this morning: mean as a snake until she got some pain meds.

I’m scared, y’all. I’ve heard nightmare stories about molars, I’m sooo not looking forward to this.

5 thoughts on “everyone in my house is medicated today

  1. I know, those molars can be tough. But once they’re in, she can eat all sorts of crazy stuff that she had trouble with before. Chomp chomp chomp!! In the meantime, baby Tylenol or Motrin at bedtime. Mmm, tasty treat!

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  2. Hee hee. I’m not sure if it’s molars, but “mean as a snake”? Have you been chasing coyotes again? 🙂

  3. Cara: I think I stole “mean as a snake” from Cat. I’m pretty sure that’s how she described e-baby when she was getting her molars.

    But I have, in fact, chased off yet another coyote this week! Fourth time this year. It’s almost not even freaking me out anymore.

  4. A buddy of mine was talking about moving to your neck of the woods, and lo and behold, saw a dag-nabbit coyote during the house tour. Put the kibbosh on that sale, since she was all, hells-NAW about putting her kids in the backyard for a moment unsupervised. Give me the city anyday.

  5. What you need to do is leave an ACME catalogue on your back porch and let those coyotes self-select out of the gene pool.

    “Mean as a snake” is one of my favorite expressions ever. It is second only to “Jive turkey.”

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