more gravelly fun

Not much to report here, really. This cold is still kicking my butt, and I’m spending an awful lot of time in a Sudafed-induced haze. Which is unfortunate, since my work project suddenly started and I’m supposed to hit the ground running and start writing about a subject I’m totally unfamiliar with. And studying documentation while all fogged up on over-the-counter cold meds? Not so easy, as it turns out.

But this afternoon, for a couple of hours, the weather was beautiful, the fog on my brain briefly lifted, and the three of us sat in the driveway to revel in the joy that is playing with rocks.

I love how Cate is so serious about sorting her little pebbles, and how she’ll stick her hand out – not to give us one of her rocks, mind you, but just to show it to us briefly and then take it right back.

We also went for a walk, and found out that one of our neighbor’s horses is clearly familiar with toddlers, because he leaned his head over the fence and licked the snack tray on her stroller. Funny, yes, but also really gross. Surprisingly, Cate was not at all freaked out by the giant horse face looming only a few inches in front of her. She just laughed and laughed at him. Pretty awesome.

She was totally indifferent about the chickens, though. Can’t really blame her. They don’t do much of anything that’s super-interesting to watch.

One thought on “more gravelly fun

  1. Horse spit- mmmmm. E-baby was terrified the last time she saw a horse up close– Cate must be brave!

    I love the video. So cute.

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