walking girl

Since I mentioned getting a video of Cate walking in the last post, here it is. It’s only about 20 seconds, but this is about as good as she gets right now.


Note that “The Sound of Music” was on TV in the background, and you can hear the end of “My Favorite Things,” which I thought was appropriate, since her little smiling face is definitely number one on that list for me. (Although my mom pointed out that it would’ve been funnier if the song had been “Climb Every Mountain.” Heh.)

There are a few other videos of her walking with her toy car for support that I also uploaded, mostly for the grandparents, which you can see here if you want.

2 thoughts on “walking girl

  1. She’s definitely still very wobbly. And on the rare occasions when she walks really well, she’ll get about 6 or 7 steps along, then get so excited about what she’s just done that she starts to do a little dance, at which point she falls flat on her butt. It’s hilarious to watch, believe me.

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