Raleigh Recap

We just got back from what feels like a whirlwind trip to North Carolina, and we’re all completely exhausted. We had such a great time, I don’t even know where to start. It’s so pretty there, and Dave really liked it too, so it looks like we’re all on board with the idea of moving there. Yay! So now all we need to do is finish the work on our house and (this is the tricky part) actually sell the damn place, and we’ll be on our way.

It was so much fun to get to visit with Cat and Tony, and it was an absolute riot watching Cate interact with e-baby. She surprisingly didn’t freak out at e-baby’s signs of affection; maybe because she’s a girl, maybe because Cate instinctively knew she was family, who knows. But it was totally easy, and Cate had a great time playing with her little cousin. It’s going to be so much fun watching them grow up together, I cannot wait.

Other weekend stuff:
* Househunting was great because we found some neighborhoods that we really liked, and Tony’s realtor friend was fantastic. Of course, most likely nothing that we saw this weekend will still be on the market when it’s time for us to move, but at least we have a pretty good idea of where we’re going to want to focus when we start searching for real.

* We got to have dinner with two of my friends from college, which was awesome. I don’t see or talk to them nearly enough, so I always forget how much I just adore them and how much fun they are until I see them again. But it was great, and I look forward to living closer to them so we can hang out more often.

* Oh, the southern food. Fried okra, hush puppies, yum. And did you know that there are Chick-Fil-A’s in North Carolina? And there aren’t any on the west coast? We didn’t have the chance to stop at one, so poor Dave has yet to experience the joy and wonder that is Chick-Fil-A. He was all, “Is it like KFC?” Oh, sweetie, it’s just so much better, you have no idea.

* The flights sucked, as it always does when you spend more than six hours on an airplane. But thankfully, none of the flights were nearly as bad as I was anticipating. Which is not surprising, since my anxiety level was pretty much focused on the absolute worst case scenario. Cate did amazingly well, and several passengers commented on what a good baby she was. In case you were wondering, this is my highly imaginative technique: pack tons of snacks, a variety of small toys, a portable DVD player for cartoons, and when all else fails, a half-dose of children’s Benadryl won’t hurt. There you have it.

5 thoughts on “Raleigh Recap

  1. And that was just to keep me quiet… we should pack extra of those things next time so we can keep Cate occupied too.

  2. If you ever get uncontrolable cravings for Chik-fil-a, just let me know. I’ll run down the street, get whatever you want, and tell you how good it was.

  3. Chik-fil-a taunts just about everyone I know with its deliciousness.J oel is OBSESSED with Chik-Fil-A. We don’t have any around here, but there’s one en route to my parents’ house. Except…they aren’t open on Sundays, which is usually the day of the week that we’re driving past it around lunchtime.

  4. Funny, I never thought much about Chik Fil A. There is one down the road from our place in San Diego. Does that count as West Coast?
    Glad to hear ya’ll had so much fun. It will be a bummer not to be able to see ya’ll if you move over there but it will just give us additional motivation to visit Raleigh so we can visit you all and Alphagal and company.

  5. Mmm…Chik-fil-a. There are about 5 within a 1/2 mile of my parents’ house. I’d love some nuggets fried in peanut oil (weeps silently). I almost want to take a residency back east just for proximity to CFA, Dunkin’D, and pork roll.

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