a case of the sickies

Cate’s cold is definitely not just teething this time, it’s a full-on, for-real cold. And I know because I’ve caught it too. We’re both miserable – can’t breathe, sore throats, coughing like crazy, etc. I kept her home from daycare today because I just couldn’t unload her on Patsy in her current state. Poor baby is grouchy with a capital G. (So am I, for that matter.)

The only positive that I can see about this is that someday, she and I are both going to have immune systems of steel because we’ve been exposed to every imaginable germ out there. Also, I was worried that with all of our recurring colds, that we’d be sick for our trip to Raleigh in a few weeks. But since we’re in one of our sick valleys right now, we should be at a health peak by the time we leave for our trip. Fingers crossed. That had better be how it works out after all the pain and suffering we’ve gone through this winter.

I read recently that garlic is supposed to help lessen cold and flu symptoms, so this morning I put a couple of big spoonfuls of raw, crushed garlic on a plain potato chip and gobbled it down. It wasn’t as painful as I was expecting, but man, my breath is horrible right now. I let out a burp a few minutes ago that could’ve killed a horse. Yuck.

So, in my effort to get rid of my garlic breath (Dave is probably the only one who’ll find this funny), I tried to use his Listerine PocketMist breath freshener. I’d never used it before, so I was fiddling with it, trying to figure out how it worked, and I accidentally squirted Listerine in my eye. Ouch. Such a ridiculous Three Stooges kind of moment. That was not the part of me that needed freshening, but thanks anyway.

7 thoughts on “a case of the sickies

  1. Oh, my God. I squirted myself in the eye with Listerine breath spray on Joel’s and my second date, (right after spilling coffee all down my front. I’m a catch!)

    I’m so glad I know someone else who has done this now, too. That’s too funny.

  2. You know, I read somewhere (don’t ask me where, i can’t remember) that if you eat a piece of chocolate, it neutralizes the garlic breath. Dunno if it’s really true, but it’s an excuse to eat some chocolate.

  3. Shannon, even if that’s not true, I’m going to eat chocolate after I eat garlic. And, um, I think I read somewhere that eating chocolate gives you curly hair and reduces fevers. And cures the common cold. It also keeps you from spraying youself in the eye with Listerine. Yeah, that’s the ticket. 🙂

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