thank you, vh1

I haven’t been excited about that much on TV lately. I mean, I’m really happy that the Daily Show & Colbert Report are back on, and I’m looking forward to “Lost” starting later this month, but otherwise… eh. Not that much is on my DVR schedule. Even my beloved “Project Runway” hasn’t been as exciting to me this year as previous seasons, although I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because no one is quite as obviously evil or mentally unstable this time around.

All that changed tonight, though. Because the second season of “Rock of Love” premiered. Oh. My. God. Did you see it? Did you see the poor girl who was so drunk that she slept through the elimination round? And the crazy French woman who listed off all of the various plastic surgeries she’s had, and then later said that “beauty is only skin deep.” HA!

The new season of Scott Baio’s show premiered too! And he’s still a weirdly angry, neurotic, middle-aged man! Only now he’s having a baby! Oh lord, I am in heaven.

And did anyone else see the first episode of “Celebrity Rehab”? I think my mouth was hanging open for the entire episode. I used to have a little bit of a crush on Jeff Conaway (when he was Kenickie in “Grease”), and seeing him all befuddled and incoherent and in a wheelchair because he was too wasted to walk or sit upright was kind of upsetting. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to watch the entire series, but it’s sort of fascinating. In the same way that you know you shouldn’t look at the scene of a car accident as you’re driving past it, but you do anyway. Eek.

2 thoughts on “thank you, vh1

  1. Oh, man. I’ve gotta disagree with you on Project Runway. Elisa the Insane Hippy who spit marks all her garments? Crazy. Christian who is young and arrogant and suffering from a serious case of The Bitch? He’s kinda evil, no?

    Granted, the challenges aren’t all as zany as past years. They haven’t quite had the “Make a New Uniform Out of Corn Husks for Postal Workers and Santino’s Mom That They Can Also Wear As Ice-Skating Skirts,” but they have had some doozies.

  2. True, Elisa was a nutjob. But she wasn’t malicious, she was sort of the hippie-dippy kumbaya variety of nutjob. And Christian is just a little pipsqueak. Bitchy, yes, but still pretty harmless. I guess I was waiting for a Wendy Pepper or a Santino or – what’s his name – the tattooed guy who made Angela’s mom cry. And there’s just nobody that wicked. (Oh, and remember Angela? With the crazy little florettes that she sewed onto EVERYTHING?)

    I’m still enjoying the show, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not grabbing me quite as much as previous seasons. It could also be that this is the first time I’ve tried to watch the show with the closed captions turned on so I can still follow it in spite of the cacophony of happy baby shrieks and noise-making toys. So my attention span is probably compromised at best.

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