jumping, jumping, jumping

Been a while since I posted a video, so here’s Cate taking up one whole minute of your day.


I hate how dark that turned out, I can never seem to get enough light in my living room at night. As for the noise I’m making in the video, we’ve learned that sometimes when we go “HA!” at her, it’ll make her laugh. She kind of laughs a tiny bit at the beginning of the video, but you almost can’t tell over the noise of the jumperoo.

Oh, and if you want to check out my sister’s mad cinematography skillz, you can go here to see the video she filmed when my family was in town. My sister is a great photographer, but she doesn’t seem to get that you can’t flip between portrait and landscape in video format. Still, it’s pretty cute if you tilt your head to the left.

2 thoughts on “jumping, jumping, jumping

  1. Cute video! Tell your sister that Windows Movie Maker has a feature that lets you rotate video around. How do I know that? Because my husband made a similar mistake.

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