not really a vacation, but…

Dave has to go to California for work next week. Seeing as our two-year anniversary is on Tuesday, and I didn’t love the idea of being alone in the boonies with the baby for a week, I decided that Cate and I would tag along with him. I already know that she does pretty well on planes, and it’s only a two hour flight, so why not? His company is paying for the hotel and the rental car, all we have to fork over is the plane fare (which really isn’t that bad from here to the Bay area). I’ll drop him off at work in the morning so Cate and I can have the rental car during the day, and oh, the fun we will have.

So, we’re flying out on Saturday (as in, the day after tomorrow), and coming back next Friday. Turns out that my cousin Cat is also in the Bay area this week for work, so we’ll get to see her, Tony and e-baby before they leave. Woo! Also on the agenda: dinner with my aunt, meeting up with a girlfriend from college, and I’m retardly excited that Cate and I have a playdate with the lovely and talented Amanda, who I’ve had a blog-crush on for years.

Of course, this also means that we’ll be out of town on my very first Mother’s Day, so my plans for the day will have to be postponed a week. (More on that later.) But that’s ok, we’ll just pretend that Mother’s Day is on the 20th instead of the 13th. Works for me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have about 50 loads of laundry to wash, I need to get a copy of our house key made for the teenager across the street (she’s going to check on the kitties for us), and oh yeah, the baby is screaming. The fun never stops!

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