baby cousins in video format

I feel like I’m too brain-dead to write anything, my attention span is totally shot. Having Cat, Susie & e-baby here was great, because they did everything for me. They cooked, cleaned, vacuumed, and – most importantly – they took Cate off my hands when I was swinging at the end of my little rope.

But hey, I know y’all aren’t here to listen to me whine. Check out the cute babies! 
Cate’s pink eye seems to be all better, thankfully. My mom pointed out that I’m probably the one who gave it to her, since I lick my fingers to get the crusties off her eyes. I’m feeling pretty horribly guilty about that, since I was under the impression that Mom Spit was the closest thing to holy water. Apparently I was mistaken. Fine, I’ll only use sterile cotton balls and warm tap water from now on.

The family left early this morning – it was pretty awesome to wake up and realize that the dishwasher had been loaded and run, there was clean laundry in the washer, and dinner was already prepared and waiting in the fridge. It was like the Housework Fairies visited while I was sleeping. Fantastic.  

Dave got home around lunchtime today, and I’m quite happy to have him home. Now if I can just get him to tidy up while I’m asleep, life will be grand. Well, that and Cate sleeping through the night. But I suppose it’s selfish to expect bliss like that, huh?

2 thoughts on “baby cousins in video format

  1. Wait! What? What do you mean? 😉 *I’m* here to listen to you whine! I was here listening to you whine back when Dave was still called “the Brit” and your entries were about how you had to postpone a second date because one of you got sick. Cate was a mere twinkle in your eye. We’re not just here for baby pics and videos. Not that I’m complaining, mind you…

    That said, a clean house with all the laundry done and the fridge stocked with fresh, yummy food is one of my favorite things. On the extremely rare occasion (like, blue moon rare) that my car is also clean, and the pets are recently groomed, and I have freshly shaven legs and spanking clean sheets on the bed, well… That’s my nerdy, nerdy OCD nirvana. It’s good to let the women who love you take care of you.

  2. That e-baby has got some HAIR! Isn’t help great? I’m glad you didn’t have to fly solo while Dave was gone. Looks like y’all had fun!

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