lights, camera, action

I filmed this movie of Cate when she was five days old, and I thought it was so cute, I wanted to get it online immediately. Sadly, our video camera films everything in super high-resolution – which will be fantastic when we want to create home movie DVD’s for all of the grandparents. But for uploading on YouTube? Hmm, not so much.

We ordered some video editing software, so I could save the movie files in lower resolution, therefore making it easier to upload. I thought I would be able to download and install the software, but alas, I was foiled again: it had to be shipped to us. And it took over a week to arrive. But it came in the mail today, so I installed it, and now (finally!!) I give you Cate’s first-ever home movie.

In other news: my folks flew out this morning, so we’re back to being a household of three for the next few days. Dave’s family gets to town this Sunday, and they’ll be here for two weeks. And then as soon as they leave, my cousin Cat, her mom, and e-baby will be here for a few days. What can I say, our little kiddo is popular. People are flying in from all over to get the chance to meet her.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, there are many more new pics on Flickr, mostly courtesy of my sister. She’s so in love with her little niece that she went all Annie Liebovitz on us and snapped about a million photos of Cate. She even considered taking pictures of a diaper change, but… um, no. No need for the Internet to see that, thank you very much. But she did manage to take my favorite picture yet, probably because my sister is the one of the few people on the planet who insists that I put on powder and lipstick before she’ll take a photo of me.


Thank god for make-up, because y’all have no idea just how dark the circles under my eyes are right now. Sleep deprivation really doesn’t agree with me, I just happen to have some kick-ass concealer.

8 thoughts on “lights, camera, action

  1. Aaaaawwwwwww.


    Babies’ sneezes and farts are the cutest things ever. I don’t like the word fart. Isn’t there a better word for when a baby does it? Poot!

    So, better to say, baby sneezes and poots are the cutest things ever.

  2. In our house, baby farts are generally referred to as poots or toots or (as Dave calls them) “little trumpets”. But they are completely cute and hilarious – I’m curious to see at what age I stop finding them a source of entertainment.

  3. Yeah, I wonder the same thing. It’s so funny, such a big noise from such a little person. It probably stops being so funny around the time that she realizes it’s funny and starts doing it on purpose.

    Little trumpets. heh. heh.

  4. It’s hard to tell – my mom showed me a picture of me when I was only a couple of weeks old that looks exactly like Cate. I’m pretty sure she’s got my lips and nose. But her eyes, forehead, ears and toes (those crazy long monkey toes) are all Dave. I think it’ll be easier to figure out when she gets older and her features get more distinctive.

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