I wanna move

Dave left tonight to fly to California. Well, to try to fly to California anyway. Turns out, we’ve been having some crazy weather here – tons of rain (moreso than usual), high winds, etc. He got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, but the parking garage was flooded out, so it took him a while to navigate that. Then, once he got inside, the airport was a madhouse because of all the weather delays, so he ended up missing his flight.

The reason he was trying to fly tonight is because he’s supposed to be interviewing all day tomorrow with the company that is his #1 job pick. He’s had numerous phone interviews with these people (seriously, I lost count somewhere around teleconference number eight), and it sounds like the job is basically his, but they have this whole thing about wanting to meet the people they hire in person. Go figure.

The thing is, this is the perfect job for him – it’s exactly what he wants to be doing, it’s local (in fact, it sounds like he’ll be mostly working from home, which is awesome for me and the baby), the pay is good, it’s basically ideal. He’s gotten himself pretty stressed out during the past week preparing for this interview because he really wants this job. Which is totally unlike Dave – I’m the one who worries, he’s the one who’s always calm and says that everything will work out just fine. So if this is making him anxious, it must be a really, really big deal.

So, since the flight tonight is apparently not going to happen, and it takes over an hour to drive the 25 miles from our house to the airport in rush hour traffic, he decided to just find a hotel room near the airport so he can get up early and catch the first flight out, and hopefully still make it to his interview with plenty of time to spare. The alternative is that he’ll have to say “sorry, unavoidably bad weather” to these people and reschedule for next week sometime, which certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I know that he’d like to go ahead and get on with the interview process. (As would I – it’d be nice to not have to think about his job situation over the holidays.) So I’m really hoping and praying that there are no problems with early flights tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back to me: you know how we live in the boonies? And how our power goes out every time the wind blows? Well, just try to guess how well we’ve fared with this crazy weather. Right. I’ve been sitting in the dark for the past few hours.

Because really, it’s not like being alone in the boonies at night isn’t creepy enough on its own. And it’s not like I don’t already freak out over every little god-blessed noise when Dave isn’t here at night. For example, I’ve never almost jumped out of my skin because of the sound of the auto-scooping litter box. No, seriously, it’s totally ok to just go ahead and turn off all the lights in addition to all of the creepy isolation. I’ll be fine.

I’m actually typing this entry in Word while my laptop is on battery power so I can post it later. I’ve taken a Unisom (a whole one instead of my usual half) in the hopes of knocking myself unconscious for the night. And since I don’t have a baseball bat, and we don’t believe in having guns in the house, I’ve put a frying pan on Dave’s side of the bed, because it was the only blunt, heavy weapon-like item that I could think of. Well, there is the garden shovel, but the shovel is dirty so I don’t want it in bed with me. At least the frying pan is clean. And that sucker is pretty solid, I think it could do some damage if a serial killer were to sneak into the house and try to murder me in my sleep. (Because you know that type of thing happens all the time.)

The wind outside is making creepy whooshing noises like something out of a bad horror movie. One of the candles I had going in our room just flickered out. And I’m starting to seriously reconsider this whole anti-gun stance of mine.

Edited to add: I changed the time stamp on this post to show when I actually wrote it. Another update will be coming soon.

2 thoughts on “I wanna move

  1. Would a serial killer really navigate all the flooded roads and go through the trouble of driving around in the boonies with the high winds and falling trees and no working streetlights? Nah! Don’t you think he’d stay in his mother’s cozy basement counting his collection of trophies until the weird weather passed? TOTALLY. You’re completely safe.

    This is coming from a girl who once threw a high-heeled boot into her completely serial killer-free kitchen in London at 3 a.m., pissing off the downstairs neighbors, armed only with the second boot and an empty wine bottle.

    You’re safe; you are.

  2. Sending positive job interview vibes to Dave.

    I’m laughing at the thought of you sleeping with a loaded frying pan, waiting for some poor unsuspecting burglar to knock his block off. Hopefully Dave didn’t try to sneak back home that night!

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