the weekend before the big 3-5

I’ll bet y’all really want to know what I got Dave for his birthday, hmm?

Well, the main present was this:

It’s a Sony HandyCam. This was a partially selfish gift, because I’ve been wanting a video camera for a long time. I knew that Dave would love it too, as he loves all things gadget-y. Does it have a plug? Does it have buttons? Rock on!

Especially now with the baby coming, I really want to be able to make home movies for our own personal archives. Plus, this nifty little guy will let us edit our movies and then burn them to DVD’s, which is extra-handy since all of our parents live so far away. Not that sending them DVD’s of their grandchild will necessarily make them less inclined to visit on a semi-regular basis, but at least they won’t feel like they’re missing out on quite as much.

Other presents of the day: a hair-trimmer thing (I know, it’s kind of boring, but he specifically asked for it), season 2 of “Lost” (umm… ok, that’s another partially selfish gift), and a couple of things for the baby. This was my favorite:

I found that onesie online and I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Ages ago, Dave and I joked about finding baby clothes with a little Union Jack flag on them, I really didn’t expect to find something that so perfectly sums up this baby’s heritage.

You can see all of the pictures from our little Saturday afternoon birthday shindig here.

In other news: two more days until we know the sprog’s gender. Two days.

Twoooooo. Daaaaaaaays.

The wait is driving me insane.

This morning, Kris and I met up and went to church, and afterward (since I was in the neighborhood), I went to Target. I didn’t buy anything (!), but I wandered through the baby section for a while. Every time I’ve been there, I’ve always steered myself toward the gender-neutral clothes. This was the first time that I really took a good, long look at the boy and girl clothes. Here’s what I learned:

* Little boy clothes are heartbreakingly adorable. I don’t much care for the sports-themed stuff, because I figure that the kid can decide for himself whether or not he likes sports, and I’m not going to push that issue. But the clothes with puppies or firetrucks or little airplanes on them? I sort of love those.

* Little girl clothes, for the most part, annoy the ever-loving crap out of me. Sure, some things are really cute, but there are so many with slogans written on them, like “Precious Little Angel” or “Our Darling Princess” or whatever. Throw up. Considering this baby is going to be the genetic offspring of Dave and me, I can guarantee you that if it is a girl, there is no way that she’ll be either an angel or a princess. Unless they mean princess in the “diva” sense of the word. Because it would be entirely possible that we’d have a little drama queen on our hands.

I don’t know if the fact that I gravitated toward the boy clothes is any indication of this baby’s gender. It could just be that I’ve had a feeling that it’s a boy for the past fifteen or so weeks. I suppose we’ll find out one way or the other in approximately 46 hours. (Commence nail-biting.)

7 thoughts on “the weekend before the big 3-5

  1. Ha! If we have a girl, I am totally buying a “Little Shiva the Destroyer” onesie.

    My Indian goddess can kick your pwecious widdle angel’s ass!

  2. Yeah, Happy Birthday, Dave.

    But even more important, YOU’VE BEEN TO THE DOCTOR TODAY.



  3. Gaby rocks the girl clothes, and she doesn’t own anything that says “princess” or “diva” on it, and never has (because in our house, we don’t play like that). If the Sprog is a girl (I have a feeling those of us on the East Coast are anxiously awaiting your u/s results!), you’ll find plenty of things that don’t make you want to run screaming in the other direction.
    You may have to venture out of Target, though, into Carters and the Children’s Place.

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