pregnancy brain sets in

I have heard hundreds of stories of how scatter-brained pregnant women can become. It’s mentioned in all of the pregnancy books, I know it’s a very common ailment. So far, I’ve had to deal with things like forgetting what I needed to buy at the grocery store – annoying, sure, but nothing too scary. But now, I offer my own undeniable proof that gestating a fetus has led me to lose my damn mind:

I’m at work, and I was just composing a work-related email. It was addressed to someone who I have emailed and spoken on the phone with, but who I have never actually met in person. I believe it’s also worth noting that my boss was CC’ed on the email.

I had my mouse hovering over the “Send” button, and was about to click it, when I suddenly thought, “Hmmm… Something on this email doesn’t look right. I should double-check it.”

My error? I signed a business email with this closing:


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!! Thank the baby Jesus in heaven that some shred of my former brain showed up long enough to make me think twice before clicking “Send,” because that could’ve been positively mortifying.

Honestly? I think that just about sums up how my Monday is going so far. I should probably go home and crawl under the covers before I embarass myself any further.

4 thoughts on “pregnancy brain sets in

  1. Hee, funny story! If it makes you feel better: both my boss and the hubby-to-be are Scott. I have found that I can no longer write emails simultaneously, because I have sent off “Love, C” to my boss. He was a good sport, but eeek, so embarassing.

  2. Ha — I too have done this, and I don’t have the excuses of pregnancy brain or double names. I wrote an email about a meeting (to our whole staff, mind you, at a job where I’ve only been the editor for about six months) that ended “love you… G.” My cursor was hovering over the send button when I realized. 🙂

  3. Ha. Ha ha ha. My best moment was sticking my card in an ATM, being totally unable to remember my PIN, and then driving away leaving the card in the machine.

  4. What none of the books say is that once you have pg brain, its very very hard to get rid of. Having the baby doesn’t make it go away.


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