weekend of sloth

You know how when you have a weekend trip, and then you go back to work on Monday, it feels like you didn’t get a weekend at all? So then the following weekend, you take full advantage of the whole “sleeping late and doing nothing” thing? I think that’s the only way to explain how lazy we were this weekend. To recap:

a) Friday night, I went to dinner (Thai food) and Target with Kris. She bought detergent and dog food. I got a new laundry basket because ours broke. I was home before 10:00 p.m.

b) Saturday, Kris moved the stuff she borrowed back to our house, because her furniture from Memphis finally showed up. (Aside: I think she hired the slowest movers in history, because it took them 4 weeks and 1 day to get her stuff from Memphis to Seattle. Seriously, 29 days to go 2400 miles? The hell?) So, we have a non-empty guest room now. Hooray. Helping her unload the van took all of about 10 minutes. That night, we got take-‘n-bake pizza and watched “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” It was good.

c) Sunday, I mowed part of the lawn. I just did the little side areas where the riding mower can’t go because it’s too bumpy and/or close to the edges of the lawn. I did that for about an hour, until the mower ran out of gas. Rather than refill it, I just decided it was a sign that I had done enough, so I stopped. (I kind of like thinking of yardwork that way: God doesn’t want me to mow anymore.) Dave didn’t do anything in the yard because he was having some kind of weird hay fever flare-up, so he took a couple of Sudafed, which knocked him right the hell out for a few hours. Later in the afternoon, I went to the grocery store. And that’s all.

I’m attributing all of this laziness to the fact that we were still recovering from last weekend’s trip to New Orleans. Because there is seriously no other justifiable reason as to why we were so damn lazy. But man, it was really nice.

2 thoughts on “weekend of sloth

  1. Goofch understands how you feel- he has slept almost nonstop for a week, since our summer weather rolled in. It takes a long time to recover from New Orleans summer heat & humidity. Drink a tall glass of cold water and be grateful you live in the Pacific NW.

  2. Oh, I definitely don’t have heat as an excuse. I think the high today here is 68. It’s just flat-out lazy-assedness.

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