more complaining (feel free to skip this)

This sinus infection/bronchitis/virus/whatever that’s been kicking my ass for the past few days? Has not yet left me. I’ve tried everything: I’m drinking tons of fluids (mostly water and tea), shooting saline up my nose to irrigate my sinuses (it’s really gross, but it helps; if any of you are curious, this explains how to do it), taking all the appropriate vitamins and other assorted drugs, etc. And I still feel horrible. I cannot go five minutes without a coughing fit. The worst is at night, I can’t seem to get more than an hour or two of sleep before I wake myself up coughing. Miserable, I tell you. And NyQuil gives me some weeeeird dreams. So even when I do sleep, I wake up all confused and groggy.

Oh, and it now seems like Dave is coming down with the same thing. Poor guy.

But, I am at work today. Because I am a trooper. And apparently kind of stupid. Damn this Protestant work ethic of mine. I’ve already apologized profusely to my officemate for all of the hacking and wheezing he’ll have to hear today.

I did get a couple of movies in this weekend, though: we watched “Walk the Line” (very very good) and “Broken Flowers” (good, but a weird ending). We also rented “Good Night, and Good Luck”, but haven’t had time to watch it yet. You know, what with my busy schedule of coughing and whining about how miserable I feel.

And now, it’s back to my regularly scheduled whimpering and pretending to work, while actually being stoned out of my mind on over-the-counter cold remedies. Whee.

4 thoughts on “more complaining (feel free to skip this)

  1. I think you have bird flu.

    I got to see Walk The Line on an airplane. It was SO good. Reese Whitherspoon was better than I’ve seen her in anything else.

  2. ugh. My plague has not subsided yet, either. I’m going to be a trooper and go in to work tomorrow and pray that they send me home. At least that way I still look like a good little employee. I haven’t even wanted to watch anything on tv or any DVD’s. I’ve been sleeping all day and reading fluffy books that I’ve already read before because my brain can’t comprehend anything else.

    Blech. Anyway… good luck. I hope it goes away soon, because this SUCKS.

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