why yesterday was a bad day

I didn’t mean to be all mysterious with that last post (although I can tell by the number of comments that everyone was really concerned), I was just a bit tipsy (to put it delicately) and about to fall over asleep. So, the story: A couple of weeks ago, my boss got an email that said I was due for my 100-day break soon. (For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, this explains it pretty well. I’m being vague on purpose so I don’t get dooced.) My boss asked me about it, and I said that was weird because I had just taken my 100-day break. She forwarded the email to my rep at the contracting agency, and left it at that.

My rep and I exchanged a couple of emails and voicemails about it, and it turns out? Apparently I can’t do math, because I was off by one week. When I started this job, I thought that I was on day 102 of my break, and actually, it was day 95. And since the 100 days have to be continuous, it means that as of March 31st, I have to take another 100 days off. This is not as fun as it sounds, since it means going over 3 months with no paycheck. Plus, the whole being-bored-out-of-my-mind-all-day thing. Not to mention that I just really, really like this job. It’s a good team, the people are nice, I like my boss a lot, and I’ve learned a lot about a side of the IT industry that I had never been exposed to before. Obviously, the thought of having to leave in the next two months upset me greatly.

So! I somehow managed to keep myself from completely breaking down & sobbing at my desk, although I’m still not sure how I pulled that off. After I got home, Dave, The Boy Davis and I hit our local family Mexican restaurant so I could order myself a very large, very fruity drink. I had two. On an empty stomach. After that, there was no way I was going to be able to eat the meal I had ordered, so guess what I’m having for lunch today? (Mmmm… Mexican leftovers.) The drinks did succeed in making me feel better, but after that, I was scared to take anything to help me sleep (bad to mix sleep aids with alcohol, right?), so I tossed and turned and slept horribly. Surprisingly, I’m not hungover today, just tired.

I had a chat with my boss this morning, and she seems to think that we should be able to work around it since it’s only 5 days difference. (Have I mentioned that I adore her? She’s the first female boss I’ve had in years, so I was initially nervous about working with her, but she is Awesome, with a capital A.) Also, there are some full-time spots opening up on this team, and she told me that she talked to her boss about considering me. She said that she thinks I would be qualified for at least 2 or 3 of the open spots, and that I’m “good FTE material” (FTE = full-time employee). Honestly, going full-time at this company is my ultimate goal, and since I already know that I like this team, that would be perfect. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed, saying my prayers, lighting candles, wishing on stars and everything else I can think of that that happens.

3 thoughts on “why yesterday was a bad day

  1. oh, i’m soooo glad you talked to her, and that she was positive about it. hoping hoping hoping. . .

  2. Oh wow, you just sent the Reading Audience At Home into cardiac arrest, followed by a huge surge of hopefulness. My fingers and toes are so crossed I can’t walk straight. Sounds like a really cool boss you’ve got. Would you still reportto her is you got one of these FTE slots?

  3. Probably not, since it seems pretty likely that she’s going to be moving to a different team at some point in the next month or so. Which sucks because I like her, but it would be a good move for her, career-wise, so I hope it works out for her.

    But, I do know the guy that I would be reporting to if I were to get the full-time job, and he seems like a good guy, so I’d be totally fine with that.

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