dream analysis

This morning I had a dream that Dave and I had a baby. Not that unusual, as I’m sure most of you know that I’ve had babies on the brain a lot lately. But in this dream, we had a little girl, who we decided to name Grace. (Honestly, it’s not one of my top ten baby names, although I do think that Gracie is sort of adorable. Reminds me of George Burns and Gracie Allen – I loved watching the reruns of that show when I was little.) Anyway, since I had just given birth and was all caught up in checking out this new baby that I just had, Dave and I asked my mom to fill out the paperwork for us, including the birth certificate.* My mom decided that she didn’t like the name Grace, so she would put it down as her middle name, and give her the first name Joanne. Obviously, my dream self totally flipped out. I remember screaming at my mother that Joanne was a name for a middle-aged chain-smoking divorcee who has crispy bangs and wears frosted eye shadow, not my beautiful little baby.** What’s weird is that my mom is totally not the passive-aggressive type at all, and even if we did pick a baby name that she didn’t like, she’d keep her mouth shut about it. So that was odd. And I was in the middle of the dream when I woke up this morning, so it’s sort of been looping around in my head all day. Moral of the story: yes, my brain is a very strange place. Thanks for noticing.

* I have no idea how birth certificates go about getting filled out, but this seemed totally plausible in dream-land.
** I’m sure there are many young & lovely Joanne’s out there.*** That was just my dream self talking. Honest.
*** Although I did used to work with a Joanne who pretty much fit that exact description, so I’m guessing that’s where it came from.

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  1. I love the name Grace — it’s definitely one of my top 5, which also includes the following: Declan, Lily, Garrett, and Sylvie. You know, for that magical day when Chris and I finally grow up enough to have a puppy of our very own.

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