I have a job interview today, and I’m sick. To elaborate: I’ve been struggling with this cold thing for the past few weeks, but it’s mostly been either a constant runny nose or a lot of clearing my throat. (Not even real coughing, just that annoying “AHEM” thing that won’t get out of there.) Nothing too horrible. Today, however, my throat is swollen and achy, I have a killer sinus headache, and I just generally feel awful. It hurts to swallow. Whee.

As for the job, it’s a contract position at the Giant Software Company, and I’m not sure that I’m in love with it, but I’m sure I’d enjoy it well enough if I got it. Plus the whole regular paycheck thing would be nice. It’s a bit weird that my interview isn’t until 6:15 this evening, but apparently the hiring manager (who I’ll be meeting with) is going out of town tomorrow morning, and she wants to meet all of the candidates for this job before she leaves. Hence the evening interview. Kind of strange to go in for an interview after dark, but whatever.

The upside of all this is that I just took two ultra heavy-duty Sud@fed, and I’ll have time to nap off the ensuing grogginess before the interview. Cross your fingers that I don’t yawn too much during the interview. Or hack up something on the poor lady.

3 thoughts on “whimper

  1. Here is a recipe for what my chiropractor calls “magic potion.” Make a cup of hot herbal lemon tea. Toss in two Halls cough drops “with medicine center.” Stir, stir stir like crazy until the cough drops melt. Sweeten with honey. The honey kind of coats your throat, the cough drops (with that famous Halls vapor action) clear up your congestion. Oh, and gargle (REALLY gargle, the unsexy “back of the throat” kind) with Listerine. It kills all the germs lurking back there and kind of numbs your throat, too.

    The combination might get you through the interview anyway. Oh, and thanks for the whoopie pie shout-out. 🙂

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