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So that cousin whose story I said should be on the news but probably won’t be? Well, it turns out, he is on the news. Video and all. His interview is just a short snippet that’s mostly talking about the general disaster itself, rather than about his experience in getting there, but whatever. There he is. Good grief.

In job news, I’ve had a couple of phone interviews this week, which may be promising. There was one yesterday, which I think went really well, and the job is basically perfect for me, but I’m scared to get my hopes up so we’ll just wait and see how that turns out. And then the one I had today was for a job that I’m almost positive I don’t want, but I suppose that every interview is practice for the next one. Or something like that.

But yeah, that phone interview yesterday? I really, really want that job. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to keep track of all the movies I’ve watched and books I’ve read over the past couple of weeks (and in the coming ones), and write a little summary when I’m finished with this phase of unemployment. As for the movies, I will say this: a few nights ago, I started to watch “Titanic” when it came on one of our movie channels. I’m not sure why, I never really liked the movie all that much (only saw it once; I thought the true-to-life stuff was cool but the whole love story was kind of cheesy and silly), but Kate Winslet is gorgeous and her costumes (those amazing beaded gowns) are awesome, and I was just sort of spaced out and not really paying attention. I watched it until the boat hit the iceberg, which is when it occurred to me: a real-life historic disaster where the rich people were immediately shuttled to safety and the poor people were left to die. Hmmm. Perhaps that’s just a bit too appropriate right now. I’m not sure if the programming people thought of that connection themselves, or if it was just a coincidence. I immediately turned it off and went to bed, but I couldn’t get the damn movie out of my head and it kept me awake for hours. Bleah.

Last bit on current events: The Daily Show is finally back on the air (they were off all last week), and Jon Stewart’s summary of the hurricane, and the government’s failure of a response, was just awesome. You can go see it here.

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  1. Good luck with the job search! I just ended a very frustrating (and hella LONG) interview process with one company, and didn’t get the job. Then I stumbled on an even better opportunity somewhere else, and they offered me the job yesterday — at nearly twice the salary that the other one would have paid. Just goes to show that the right job comes along at the right time. I’m sure you’ll get a fabulous offer…fingers crossed for you!

  2. Job hunting is for the birds. I interview like crap. I even tried to learn from my interviewing mistakes – during the drive home, I would evaluate the interview…Egads!

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