pro wedding photos

We got our professional wedding photos last week, and I had quite a time getting them online. We opted not to spend however-much-extra to get all of the photos on a CD-ROM, which in retrospect we probably should have done. First, I scanned about 120 photos, and then I realized after the fact that the scanner glass was smudged, so well over half of the photos (any of the ones that had a lot of black in them – so basically, all of them with Dave and the other guys in tuxes) looked crappy, like someone had taken them through a window. Then we tried using the attachment that scans the negatives (yes, we have a very fancy, hifalutin scanner), but it took forever to scan them and they all turned out grainy. THEN, on Sunday, I realized that the scanner has a paper feeder attachment that allows you to quickly scan entire batches of photos. Um, DUH! So I got a ton of them scanned, and they’re all now posted in our online wedding album. They’re the photos numbered 3 through 144. Enjoy!

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