There is something that is driving me absolutely crazy – ok, actually it’s someone – and I am dying to write an angry ranting post about it, but unfortunately, it falls under my “don’t blog about work” policy, so I have to keep my mouth shut. But damn, I’m going nuts over here. I feel bad because Dave has to endure listening to me complain about this person a lot when we’re at home, because he’s my only outlet for venting about him/her. (See? I’m not even telling you what gender this person is. It’s all very vague and mysterious. Nothing worth firing me over.) It would be so much easier if I could write about it here, and this person is allegedly going to be leaving at some point in the near future, so maybe I can complain about him/her after the fact. For now, I just have to bang my head repeatedly on my desk and silently weep. Which I guess is working ok for me so far.

Happy news: tonight Dave and I are going to meet up with our wedding photographer to get all of the formal pictures from our wedding. She said that she has some really great black and white shots, so I’m excited to see those. I’ll try to get them scanned in as soon as possible, but it’ll probably be the weekend before I’ll have a chance to get it done.

2 thoughts on “boundaries

  1. I got confirmation yesterday that this person is, in fact, leaving in the very near future, so they will no longer be a headache source for me. I shall resist the urge to be bitchy.

    As for the author thing? If you didn’t like the book, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. The author had some of your hard-earned cash in her pocket, so she should really just shut her trap. And try to improve her writing for next time.

  2. hi. Yeah. I highly encourage you to fight the urge to blog about it. Because I did that once. It didn't turn out so good. I didn't get fired for it, but the actual person I was bitching about read it (who knew she read my blog???) and I think she told my boss, and… yeah. It just doesn't make you look good. I will never ever write bitchy things about anyone on my blog.Oh, and also…. one time I wrote something about a book that I had read and didn't like, and I thought the author was selling out, blah blah… yeah. The author apparently googled herself and responded to my entry about how she sold out. Also quite humiliating. So, I've learned to zip my trap when it comes to being critical on the blog…… makes for much less interesting blogs, though. 🙂

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