wedding pics

Wedding pictures are now posted. Whee! And in honor of Sally’s brother, who takes some awesome food pictures, we have a few of our own here, including cake, something that on the menu was referred to as “whole decorated salmon” (and boy, were they not kidding), a dinner roll that got thrown all over the reception hall, and fun with fruit. And frighteningly enough, this isn’t even all of our photos, I’m still waiting for a few people to email me theirs. Oh, and then there’s the photographer we paid, who should be sending me her 400+ photos sometime in the next month or two. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “wedding pics

  1. That picture of my mom makes me laugh every time I see it. She really does look like she’s about to clobber that poor guy.

    And y’all would not BELIEVE how good that cake was. Buttercream frosting. Hoo lordy. Sweet, sweet bliss. (For the record, the salmon was really good too, even though it looked totally scary.)

  2. I have to say, photo 38 is fantastic! it's the balance of focus that makes it so ominous.

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