notes from the desk of the bored

This week hasn’t exactly been action-packed. I’m still waiting for my new job to start, so I’ve been slothing around the house a lot. They’ve been showing all of the Rocky movies on AMC this week, and I’ve been watching them obsessively. I still cry when he wins at the end of “Rocky II” and says “Yo Adrian, I DID IT!!!” I also cry in the third one when Mickey dies. And again in the fourth one when Apollo Creed dies. It’s funny, I grew up on those movies, and I hate boxing in real life – probably because real boxers hardly ever bleed, and there are none of those cool punching sound effects. I’ve actually never seen “Rocky V” (I don’t know why, somehow I just missed that one), so I’ve decided that when they show it this week, I will watch it. I’m expecting it to be horrible, but I’m going to watch it anyway.

In other news…
* Steve is here, and he’s started working on our yard – there’s now a big mud pit where our deck used to be, because we’re going to get an all-new fancy deck that wraps around the side of the house. In fact, the guys are off getting price quotes on lumber as we speak.
* The guys go into abusive-brother mode a lot (no headlocks or anything, but lots of unnecessary mocking and name-calling), which is a side of Dave that I’ve never seen before. It’s funny for a while, then I just have to get out of the house or go hide in another room.
* I’ve been cooking a lot, which seems to take up an awful lot of time & energy when you’re feeding two grown men. On the plus side, they’re both pretty good about cleaning up the kitchen when I cook, so that’s cool. I’d much rather cook than clean.
* I’ve spent way too much time designing our wedding invitations. I want the damn things to be printed, addressed, stamped and mailed already. Sigh.
* Only 5 more days until I start my new job. Yay!

5 thoughts on “notes from the desk of the bored

  1. When we moved to NC, I had about 2 weeks before my job started. At first, you think, wow! Free time! But it doesn’t take long before you just get really bored and run out of things to do.

    I feel your pain. Hang in there.

  2. Dave tidying up?!!? Just say to him "mind that coffee cup, Dave" As for the Rocky movies – they are quality! The first is well grimy though…

  3. Well, if folks insist on leaving coffee cups in stupid places like on countertops or coffee tables then someone's bound to kick them over…It just so happened that it was usually me 🙁

  4. If you get really bored, you could come up with new activities for an episode of Craft Corner Deathmatch– * make halloween costumes from styrofoam cups while hanging upside-down over a pit of snakes!* crochet a protective car-cover from red balogna plastic strips!* whip up a fantastic meal using only canned products and the flame from a hairspray can in front of a cigarette lighter! * make paper-mache dolls while standing in the direct path of a tornado!

  5. My very first boyfriend is in Rocky V. No kidding. We met at a youth acting program. But I broke up with him when he tried to kiss me.

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