change is good, right?

This year, 2005, has been pretty amazing for me so far. I moved in with Dave. I turned 29 – my last official year in my 20’s. I got engaged, which is something that I think most people (including myself) thought I would most likely never do. I started planning my wedding – yet another thing I never quite saw myself doing. And then today, I got offered a job with the Biggest Software Company in the Free World, who I’ve wanted to work for since before I moved to Washington four years ago – and which just happens to be about a 30% raise from my current salary. Holy crap! And it’s only February. What on earth do you have in store for me, 2005? It’s simultaneously exciting and scary, because with all of this great stuff happening, I keep waiting for something bad to happen so things will even out. The universe has to have some sort of balance, doesn’t it? Or is this the payoff for a whole bunch of bad years past? It’s sort of strange to be elated and worried at the same time. I suppose I just need to relax and go with it, but let’s face it, how many of us humans are really all that adaptable to change? I put myself only a slight notch above my cat on that scale – I won’t lick myself bald when my routine gets thrown off, but it frazzles me nonetheless.

Totally switching gears: I got the pictures from our trip to Sun Mountain this past weekend posted online. There’s a whole other drama going on right now about how we’ve had no heat or hot water since we got back from our trip on Sunday afternoon, but that should hopefully be resolved within the next hour or two, so we’ll just leave that story alone.

P.S. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, our wedding date got changed. We really wanted to have it in this one place, which wasn’t available on May 7th. So now we’re getting married on Sunday, May 15th. Still less than 3 months to go!

9 thoughts on “change is good, right?

  1. Congratulations again! If you really want something bad to happen so that you can rest easier knowing that it's part of the past, I'm free to come over and throw eggs at your car. Just let me know.

  2. That means I'm gonna have rewrite the Dave & Cindy wedding countdown timer program – nuts!

  3. I'm so glad I didn't read this before we watched the show on TiVo. Dave and I were good and went to the gym tonight, then watched it when we got home. As much as I have always loved Kara Saun, that whole shoe business was totally fishy and underhanded, and it made me not like her as much. Dave and I actually high-fived when Jay won. Hooray for Jay!!

  4. It was so, so awesome when Wendy and Kara started going at it and Jay was all "well, if they kill each other, that means I win — so, yay!" Jay rocks.

  5. It was a reserved, very proper and British 'high-five', but it was a high-five nonetheless.Jay, word to ya motha – you the bom' dawg! WOOO…

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