Only 3 more shopping days until my birthday!

Test Week is still going very well. Yesterday, Dave wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed home and worked from his laptop in bed. I worked on my laptop in his office. It was strange, we hardly spoke to each other all day, but it was nice to know that he was in the house. We eventually got ourselves dressed, just in time to go out for dinner. I’ve cooked something every night this week – in addition to super-fancy omelets for breakfast – so I needed a break. We went to one of those standardized chain Mexican places, which was quite yummy. We were going to watch “Shaun of the Dead” when we got home, but we (or rather, I) got caught up in “Project Runway” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Girl” (possibly my favorite new show), and the movie idea kind of collapsed.

On the subject of Project Runway: The challenge this week was for the designers to make a wedding dress, but the models were the “clients” and got to have input as to what type of dress they wanted. The idea is that the designers have to come up with something that fits what they want to design, and that also makes the models happy. I have to say, my favorite was Kara’s, who won. That dress was gorgeous. But I’ve pretty much decided that I like all of Kara’s clothes (so far). The one who lost was whiny, crying Nora, who I was very happy to see go. The dress wasn’t all that bad, really, it was just a little too standard-bridal-gown – which should be expected, when the model who gets to choose the dress’s design is 16 years old. But as Angie has already mentioned, the worst dress by a mile was Austin’s. Good lord, what was he thinking? Teal and hot pink and animal print on a wedding dress? WTF?? It was horrifying.

Back to real life: today Dave is at work, and I’m home with the cats. Usually, Dave’s cats go outside during the day, so I just have Teenie inside (who’s old & sleeps most of the time), so I can work in relative peace. Today, however, Cleo (the 6-toed cat – I swear she has thumbs) doesn’t want to go out, and she has been a ball of neediness. I cannot keep the damn cat off of me. I don’t know what her deal is. It was cute for a while, but now it’s starting to annoy me. Especially when she does that bread-kneading thing with her very long claws. Ow.

Oh, have any of you seen Dave’s mum’s cottage? Apparently we have it for a week in June. Yay, I can’t wait!

9 thoughts on “Only 3 more shopping days until my birthday!

  1. I was so happy that Nora got booted. I was afraid for a moment there that it was going to be Austin–because then who would we laugh at? No one else wears a scarf with his pajamas in order to make the bed in the morning.In other news, I heart Jay.

  2. She normally enjoys kneading my face first thing in the morning, so it's nice to get a break from that 🙂

  3. I know, I was horrified by Austin's dress, but even more horrified by the possibility of his departure. Nooooooooooo! He's, like, one of the lead characters, and needs to stick around for maximum Queen-age factor.Needs to be booted next: stupid frat boy "look at me as I fall on my head and require stitches" guy. He's so lame.

  4. Sorry Lauren, but I think Robert is cute. Yes, the whole "do a flip on the street, hit your head on the concrete" bit was stupid, but come on. He is Hottie McHot-Hot. And he's one of only 2 straight guys on there, and I really don't like whiny bucktoothed Kevin. Btw, I noticed that on the show, they say Kevin is 37 years old, but on Bravo's website, they say he's 44. What gives? However I do agree: Austin must stay. Without him, the drama factor goes down about a thousand percent.

  5. When did cleavage-revealing wedding dresses become the rage. I need to go to more weddings.

  6. If you're talking about Kara's dress, it was also completely backless. But let's be honest, that model weighed 90 pounds at the most (and that's probably if you dipped her in olive oil). It revealed more sternum than cleavage.

  7. Damn, all the shopping days have been exhausted! I guess I'll have to send you an e-card with teddy bears and some kind of annoying scrolling message.

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