more money drama

Yesterday was the official 3rd business day since my checking account got looted, so I checked my balance online, and sure enough, I still didn’t have my money put back in my account. So I called the bank. The customer service girl told me that I had been misinformed; that actually, it would be 2 or 3 business days until I got an affidavit in the mail stating that the transactions were unauthorized. Then, I have to sign the affadavit, mail it back, it will take them ten business days to process it, and only after that will I get my money back. I proceeded to flip the hell out on the customer service lady. I started crying and I yelled at her, “Do you realize this is the first of the month? Do you realize my rent was due yesterday? What the hell are people supposed to do when this type of thing happens to them? How am I supposed to live with no money for 2 weeks?!?!!” I finally realized that I was borderline hysterical and this conversation was going nowhere, so I just hung up on her. I called my mom – she was willing to lend me the money, but it wouldn’t get here before the 5th (my landlord has a 5-day grace period), but she offered to overnight a check. Dave also offered to lend me the money. I decided that would be easier, since there’s no postal service involved, and we decided that he’d give me the check today so I could deposit it and still get my rent check in on time.

Then, this morning, I got online again to check my bank balance – it’s sort of become a habit over the past few days. Lo and behold, my money is back in my account. It’s listed as “provisional credit”, so I think that means that it’s just a loan until they get the affadavit processed. But still, thank God. The customer service chick told me it would take 10 days just to get the damn provisional credit, so I guess she was either confused or just an idiot. Either way, all is well now.

In other news, Dave’s mom left on Thursday. We had a little going-away dinner on Wednesday night, which was fun. I’m kind of sad that she’s gone, I had a lot of fun spending time with her over the past couple of weeks. At the same time, it’s nice to have Dave all to myself again. Speaking of which, I plan on wrapping up with work sometime in the next couple of hours, and then Teenie and I are going to pack up & head over for a weekend in Duvall. Maybe we’ll get a Christmas tree. Yay!

2 thoughts on “more money drama

  1. Glad it worked out hon. Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you too often ;)Here's to a relaxing weekend!

  2. Isn't that the worst? When one customer service person tells you something, and then no one else who works there seems to know what they're talking about? I hate that. I just hate it. This is why I had the RAGE over my car insurance issues after I got rear-ended. RAGE! RAGE, I say!

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