stuff and things

I’ve worked out the past 2 days in a row. I’ve come to realize that there’s really no reason why I can’t work out in the morning or the middle of the day when I’m working from home. It’s not like I have to immediately shower and get myself all dolled up afterward, and if I’m only gone for 1 to 1-1/2 hours during the day, no one really pays much attention to it. So I’m trying. Really, I am. I haven’t been seriously dedicated to a workout regime in over a year, I’ve just done a workout or two here & there, and it’s so hard to force myself back into the habit of doing it every day. Plus, I just found out that if I go to my gym from 8-5 during the day, it costs me $7 to park my car in the gym’s garage. The gym is located in an office building downtown, and I imagine that this is to discourage folks from taking up space in the garage during the workday. But if it’s after business hours, parking is free. Go figure. So I’m a bit annoyed. My entire gym membership only costs $16 a month, so $7 for parking seems a bit exorbitant to me. It looks like I have 2 choices: Work out at a different time of day (which I’ll most likely do), or take the bus to and from the gym (which would only be $2.50 round trip). But the thought of getting on the bus when I’m all sore and sweaty kind of grosses me out. Anyway, Cardio Funk class is tomorrow night, and I used to love that, so I’m going to try to go to that, rather than the noon pilates/yoga class. I think yoga would probably be better for me, but since Cardio Funk is free, that’s probably what I’ll do.

Other random items:
* Teenie’s ear spot appears to be healing nicely. Might take a while for the fur to grow back, but it’s not quite as horror movie-esque anymore.

* My parents’ move to high-speed Internet access has increased my tech-support call volume by 1,000%. I get calls almost every day now. My mom even called while Dave and I were at dinner on Saturday night. (I told her I’d call her back after we left the restaurant, she sounded very annoyed that I wasn’t immediately available.) I have this idea about building them a new computer from scratch, so I’ll know everything that’s on it. And it’d be Windows XP, so I won’t have to try to dig up Windows 98 information from the dark recesses of my brain anymore. Hmm… Could make a good Christmas gift.

* Dave is apparently getting a pet goat (or two) so he won’t have to mow his lawn anymore. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Sure, goats are cute and all, but they also eat everything in sight, head butt, plus I think I might be allergic to them. (I had some weird sinus stuff happen after I pet a couple of goats at the fair last month.) On the other hand, goats are pretty low maintenance on the barnyard animal scale. And goat poo is supposedly much tidier and easier to clean up than, say, horse poo. So I suppose that’s a plus. Still, a real live goat? I don’t know.

* Sibling update: My sister is in Italy (again) visiting friends. I’m jealous. My brother, meanwhile, has a job interview in Kentucky today. I’m not so jealous of that.

* Dave & I had our 5-month-iversary on Sunday. How long do you suppose you have to be dating someone before you stop counting the number of months? Maybe it’s just because this is a record for me, I feel the need to keep track of it. Anyway, we celebrated by going to Home Depot to buy drywall filler and paint, because that’s what we do. It was fun.