Whoop-whoop-whoop! Attention: security has been breached!!

Or in other words, my parents found my blog. This is actually not that big a deal, because I think they know most of this stuff already. But the occasional profane word does sneak in here and there, and I’m sure that if they start reading too far back, they could find a thing or two that they disapprove of (not that I’m mentioning topics, so everybody keep your mouths shut). Anyway, looks like I’m going to have to watch my language a bit for a while, at least until they get bored and stop paying attention. 🙂

Oh yeah, and my parents now have high-speed Internet access at their new house. As their personal resource for all aspects of technical support, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The good news is that now they can upgrade their pc to Windows XP, and I could use the Remote Assistance feature to help them from here when they have problems. (There really didn’t seem to be any point in upgrading them from 98 when they were on a 56K dial-up line.) At the same time, I’m expecting my call volume to increase significantly over the next few weeks. Whee!

Anyway, events for this weekend are as follows:
* Saturday – Dave & I are doing a fundraiser walk for the Humane Society. It’s only a 3K, so it’s not like we’re doing a marathon. It’s cool because they encourage people to walk with their dogs, so I imagine we’ll see lots of different types of pooches. And since I’m trying to coerce Dave into getting a dog, this can only help to further my cause. (Muuwaahahahaha!!)