the final countdown

Dave & I flew in to southern California last night. That was interesting, I’ve never flown anywhere with a boyfriend before. I think we both got to see each other’s less-than-attractive airport-stress behavior, but overall we did pretty well. Good thing for those Mile-High Bloody Mary’s in all airport bars. Once we got through check-in and security, everything was smooth sailing from there. Besides, I think it’s good that we’re learning each other’s negative traits – they all eventually come out when you’re with someone long enough anyway, so better sooner than later. I don’t think we have any deal-breakers between the two of us (so far).  

Anyway, the flight was relatively uneventful. Our baggage didn’t get lost – hooray! And we even opted for the rental car upgrade, so we now have a red Ford Mustang. That’s pretty cool, I’ve never driven a Mustang before. It’s definitely a muscle car, I’m starting to get why people love them so much. Lots of power in that gas pedal, for sure.

So, one thing I learned last week that I’ve been meaning to write about: This will be my last week flying to Santa Ana. This project is just dull-dull-dull, and there’s not enough work to keep all of the engineers busy, so they’re cutting back the team. Which includes me. I’m honestly thankful for it. This means that I’ll hopefully have a little downtime to work on my Microsoft certification exams before my next project. And I’m crossing my fingers and praying that my next project will be somewhere in the greater Seattle area, so I don’t have to fly every week anymore. Yes, frequent flyer miles are nice & all, but I also like sleeping in my own bed at night. With my cat. Surrounded by my stuff. So if any of you want to throw some “get Cindy a good Seattle project” vibes in my direction, it’d be much appreciated.

And I’m psyched that Dave is here for my last week. I’m really looking forward to the stuff we have planned for this weekend, and I think it’ll make a good farewell for my stint in “the O.C.”