wherever I lay my hat…

This weekend was awesome. I spent pretty much every waking moment with Dave. I left his house yesterday so I had just enough time to dash to my apartment, unpack, re-pack, and head to the airport. That was the first time I’ve set foot in my apartment in over a week – I haven’t slept there since the 4th of July. I kind of miss it, but I like being at Dave’s house too, so it’s a tough call. My plants are pretty much all but dead, though. I watered them (not sure if it’s a lost cause at this point) and felt slightly guilty, then I took off. 
Teenie, however, is faring pretty well at Dave’s. There are still some stand-offs with the other kitties, but they aren’t fighting as much. I let her play outside while I was there, which is slightly worrying since she has no claws to defend herself if necessary, but she seemed to be having so much fun exploring Dave’s backyard, I didn’t have the heart to make her come in. And anyway, it seems to be helping her make peace with the other cats. Outside is sort of no man’s land as far as kitty territory goes, so they can sort things out and maybe start to get friendly with each other. It’s like U.N. negotiations for cats.
So, lots of lazy time this weekend. The big highlight was the trip to Home Depot which ended with Dave buying an air-conditioner. I helped him install it in his bedroom. Sooooooo lovely not to be sleeping in the heat with the window open and god knows what bugs flying in & out of the room. Happy sigh. I may not sleep in my apartment again until fall, who knows. (Or until Dave kicks me out, whichever comes first.) Oh, and he got a new shower head, at my insistence. This one won’t fall & bonk you in the head while you’re showering. Hooray!
Anyway, I took the same flight this week that I did last week – it leaves at 7:30 p.m., which is easy because the airport is pretty dead on Sunday nights. I got here around 10:30, took a cab to the hotel, checked in, showered, got ready for bed, and got maybe 4 hours of sleep when it was all said & done. Good lord, but I am tired. Today is a coffee day, for sure.
Oh, the tattoo has now officially entered the Itchy Phase of healing. Oh god, it itches. I can’t put a damn thing on it, and I’m not supposed to scratch it. Aaahh! The agony!