need happy thoughts

I’m taking a Microsoft certification exam tomorrow. It’s my first test on Windows Server 2003, so it’ll make me an MCP, or a MS Certified Professional. Six or seven more exams (I forget exactly how many) & I’ll be an MCSE (Systems Engineer) in 2003. I already did this years ago with Windows NT, but I have to stay current with the latest & greatest software or I’ll be relatively unemployable. With this stuff, I’ve been studying the material for months, but I wasn’t willing to fork over the $125 to pay for the test myself. And what do you know, my current employer is more than happy to provide vouchers to pay for the exams so they don’t cost me a dime. Yay!

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these things, and I’m really nervous because it’s only my 2nd week, so I really, really want to do well to make a good impression. How much would it suck if I flunked my first exam on my 2nd week? That would NOT look good. So I’m sending out a request for all of you who read this to send me your best “you will remember everything you’ve crammed into your tiny little brain and won’t mess this up” vibes. It’s much appreciated.

A few random things:
* There’s an Elastica song being used on a hair color commercial. I don’t know why that strikes me as so strange. If the Cure can do HP, Elastica can do Garnier. It’s just weird to hear those types of songs in advertising.
* My boss has a bumper sticker on his door that says “My kid reads your honor student’s email”. I like that. It’s much better than that “Got milk? This room reserved for nursing mothers” sign at my last job.
* The mirrors in the ladies’ room here totally wig me out. They’re like circus mirrors — I look skinny, but my head looks like it’s shaped like an eggplant. I can’t look at myself in them, it’s too freaky.
* The cable guys came last night to fix my TV. This is the 4th or 5th time someone has been there in the 2 weeks since I moved in, and no one seems to be able to get it working. Yesterday, they sent 2 technicians out. I met them at the front of the building to let them in, and when we were all in the elevator, I said “Wow, I get 2 guys at once? Lucky me.” After I said it, I realized how completely dirty it sounded & I couldn’t stop blushing. I have no idea what they thought of me. I’d rather not think about it.
* I have this idea for a tattoo that I really want (no, it’s not the Winnie the Pooh thing, I gave up on that), and I can’t get it out of my head. I even have the picture saved as the wallpaper on my laptop. I figure I’ll stare at it for at least 2-3 months, and if I’m still in love with it, I’m going to get it.