Well, I survived. The movers came yesterday & got everything, and I spent the rest of the day trying to unpack & get settled. There’s still a lot to be done, of course, but the furniture is where I want it for the most part. And once again proving that klutzy people shouldn’t ever be trusted to move heavy objects: I am so scratched & bruised that I look like some kind of domestic violence victim. And my back hurts like you wouldn’t believe.

I really love the apartment, and I only have 2 really small problems, involving phone lines/high-speed Internet stuff, which is no big deal & it’ll get taken care of soon enough. But the movers were really good and didn’t break anything (unlike the last guys I had), so I’m happy about that. One of them was really cute and I think he was definitely flirting with me. He even said something near the end about how he was sad that they were almost done because we wouldn’t be able to hang out anymore. Awww. However, there was one thing he said that I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret, and I need opinions on this:

Cute mover boy: Did you get those pants at Old Navy?
{Side note: I was wearing black yoga pants w/ a gray & white racing stripe down the side. These were the same pants I wore the day before, and the day before that. I don’t get dressed up on Moving Weekend.}
Me: No, I think I got them at the Sports Authority about a thousand years ago.
Cute mover boy: Well, they’ve held up well.

Now, was that last line a comment in response to my “thousand years ago” remark, or was it a reference to my ass, which was holding the pants up? I was totally baffled. I’m pretty sure he was checking out my butt when he made the comment — I mean, honestly, do guys look at a girl’s pants just to try to figure out where she shops? Either way, the flirting/compliments were nice, because I thought I looked grubby & disgusting that day. And after wearing the same outfit for 3 days in a row, I’m sure I had some serious Girl Funk going on. But maybe some guys are into that. Who knows.

Anyway, Teenie survived the move ok, and she seems to like the place so far. Now I’ll just have to wait & see if she starts licking herself bald like she’s done the last several times I’ve moved. I have the vitamin E oil ready just in case she gets blisters again. Poor kitty.